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Mobile Phone problem

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In the zone
i was gifted this mobile phoneby one of my relative..

The mobile has lot of features but i dont have catalog of it...and the cd that came with it has only software which didnt work and are in may be chinese language...

there is about 3 ,half hour movie about 70 songs and many photos . voice mails..
but all in chinese so no use for me...
i want to reload it with local songs

i have search the whole web but didnt found any documentation

what can i do
any help
that ad has only features no documentation...

even i am unable to download photo to computer
You'd get better responses if you posted this in the mobile forum - http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=16

Anyway, your phone, after reading the description on ebay, seems to have a t-flash (trans flash) card, similar to the one found in Motorola e398. I assume it (the phone) came with a USB cable. Install whatever software that was supplied and plug the phone to you PC via USB. The rest should be pretty simple to figure out, unless the software is in Chinese :wink: .

If you're willing to spend some money, or if you don't have software for the phone -

Get a Trans Flash to SD adapter - it's like a hollow SD card and your T flash card will fit into it. Then get a SD card reader (about INR 350) and plug it into you USB port. You can then manipulate the files on your T-Flash.

Edit Add: The ebay Australia link suggests you know somebody living there. The T-Flash to SD adapters and card readers are easily and cheaply available in Australia. Ask your acquaintances to check any Dick Smith stores, Crazy John's mobile stores, Ted's Camera House or JayCar. Also, there are heaps of online stores.

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