Cheapest CPU Upgrade for desktop


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Looking for cheapest CPU upgrade for my age-old desktop, as I already have 2 laptop.

Desktops will be mostly used by my parents, as they are more comfortable using mice.

Requirements: 1080p video playback and little gaming, photo editing + basic computing.
Budget: max 15K-20K


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Then please post the current config of your existing desktop. Otherwise we can't suggest a compatible CPU with ur existing system.


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current one is too old
2.4GHz Intel P4 processor, 512MB SD-RAM, 40GB HDD.

So I will buy processor, Mobo, ram, hdd and cabinet+psu.

need suggestion for processor, motherboard and ram


Core i3 2120 : 7k
Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H : 4.5k
4GB DDR3 Gskill value ram 1333/1600Mhz : 1.2k
1TB Seagate Sata3 hdd : 5k
NZXT Gamma cabinet : 2.4k
Corsair VS450 PSU : 2.2k

Total : 22,300 Rs and in this rig, you can easily enjoy 1080p playback, can run lot of cpu intensive applications, etc. You can buy Dell IN2010 @ 6.7k and DVD writer LG @ 1k makes a total 30k

PS : You haven't mentioned your budget so I assumed you are looking for a decent performace pc under 30k


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My suggestion is to go with WD Caviar Blue 1 TB SATA 3 6 Gbps HDD @ 5.3K which comes with 3 Years of warranty. Check for it. Currently Seagate is offering only 1 Years of warranty with HDD.


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pentium g620-3.5k
gigabyte ga b75m d3h-4.2k
corsair value ram 2x2gb-1.4k
1tb seagate-4.8k
cm elite 430-2k
fsp saga 2 200w-2k
hd 6450 -3k
it should play back 1080p content flawlessly and you could even do some 3d blu ray stuff


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I mentioned budget is 15-20K, as it will be mostly used by my parents only for video chat etc. + basic computing.

I have no allergy for AMD PCs.

Also I heard that Intel core i3 desktop processors have issues.

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