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Compaq / HP Ipaq H3800 Battery

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Hello everyone:

My dads got a Compaq ( now HP) Ipaq H3800. Its roughly abt 5-6 years old. Since two days the machine refuses to boot on battery power, I leave the machine to charge - it charges and the charge bar shows that it moves and goes to 100% and completes charging.

However the minute I disconnect it from the power supply, the display fades away and the machines simply switches off.

It wont start unless I give it the power supply again,after which it kicks in as if I had given it a hard reset ( all the settings, date, time etc are lost ! ).

A bit of common sense and a little bit of Googling leads me to believe that the battery is dead.

Now, I want to know is does someone replace the battery in Mumbai,India ? If Yes, where? I know HP would do it, but those guys rip people ! I had inquired about this abt 2 years back.However, give me your views on both.

Thanks for all the help.
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