1. iittopper

    [Praise] [Accel Frontline and Tirupati enterprise] Fast RMA for seagate HDD and seasonic psu

    Both my PSU Seasonic s12ii 520w and Seagate 1 TB was not working. For HDD, I located the centre in Nehru place, new Delhi and submitted my HDD. Within 3 days I receive the message that my Seagate replacement is shipped from Chennai and I received it in 2 days in my home. So the entire process...
  2. Desmond

    ISRO launches 20 satellites in a single launch

    Source: Full coverage: ISRO’s 20-satellite launch, its largest ever, successful | The Indian Expres
  3. A

    Sapphire - Service Centre in Kolkata

    Hello all, Any idea where I can find Sapphire GPU service centre in Kolkata ? Previously it used to be AdityaInfotech but they said they dont do it anymore. Please help. Thanks.
  4. A

    LG G2 - Broken screen

    Hello Guys, I have dropped my phone , and it's screen is broken. Does anyone how much it cost? Can I get it replaced locally (not authorised service centre)? Thanks.
  5. quagmire

    Astrosat, India's first space observatory to launch on Sept 28

    New frontier: India set to launch 1st space observatory Astrosat India to Put its First Dedicated Astronomical Telescope in Space | The Wire Astrosat,Indias Hubble in space to be launched on September 28 | Business Standard News
  6. S

    Lava mobile service

    My Lava Iris X1 was working fine till last month but suddenly one evening the touch screen stopped responding and I took it to the nearest Lava mobile service centre. The staff there was really helpful. They made sure that I didn’t have to wait for long and was attended soon enough. Since they...
  7. T

    [Query] Nexus 7 2012 service centre & cost

    Screen of my Nexus 7 2012 model has cracked & is unresponsive but the tablet's interiors are working fine. I am able to see the display. Went to a local service centre here in varanasi & was told that it would take Rs. 8000 to repair. Seriously? The tablet originally cost Rs. 9000 in Nov 13'...
  8. P

    YaY proud Owner of a Curved iphone 6+!

    Yesterday,i kept my iphone in tight jeans entire day and today its BENT! Rather then shouting or going to court i decided to stay calm and find a solution so with peace i ask what to do?:razz:(my mind may explode :-?:evil::twisted::evil: if this iphone annoys me for more few hours) Btw it...
  9. L

    Help to choose a TV Tuner card.

    I bought a Frontech External LCD TV Tuner Card but 'Windows Media Centre' can't detect it. Now I'm intending to buy a new TV Tuner card which can be used with 'Windows Media Centre' for recording purpose. Please help.
  10. S

    Query on Warranty for LCD Monitors

    hi all, I have a 2.5 year old Acer P206HV LCD Monitor. Off late it is giving me certain problems - white lines near the edges (specially top edge), sometimes full screen goes black, then if i scroll the page the page reappears. Sometimes, broad vertical lines and hazy picture. I placed a...
  11. Inceptionist

    Call Centre Regulations

    Hi, My ISP is Honesty Net Solutions. (Honesty | Home) The problem is the pathetic 'customer care' service which is available from 10 AM till 7 PM. You can't lodge a complaint before or after that. :evil: Then I came across this National Consumer Helpline - 1800-11-4000 Jago Grahak...
  12. S

    [Query] zotac graphics card service centre

    Does any1 has address for zotac graphics card service centre in mumbai??
  13. soyab0007

    Gigabyte Graphics card service centre

    I am getting display issue with Gigabyte HD 7770 card, Want to know the service centre in Mumbai?
  14. root.king

    Apple's development center Hacked

    APPLE'S developer centre has been hacked, the tech giant has confirmed. The company's developer network - the place where apps are created - has been down for more than three days, without explanation. However, this morning Apple sent an email to developers explaining that it had...
  15. C

    Catalyst Control Center not working?

    A while ago i updated my ATI driver via windows update and since then catalyst control centre stopped working.So i decided to uninstall it and install it again but when i tried installing it,it showed that the installation was complete but catalyst control centre option was nowhere to be found...
  16. P

    What are the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS that you've learned in LIFE? + RESOURCE Centre

    DELETE THIS please.
  17. R

    [Query] Casio G Shock Watch Authorised Service Centre

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right forum, however if so. Can anyone help me to share where is the Casio watches Authorised Service Centre in Kolkata. Any assistance or information would be helpful as my six month's old Casio G-Shock watch seemed to have got spoiled. Thanks and...
  18. bestpain

    overclocking 7850

    i have to purchase hd 7850 2gb model in march....but cant decide which brand to buy asus,sapphire or gigabyte.....all have same price whose service centre are best? need the model which can be overclocked? my budget is 14k
  19. sling-shot

    Catalyst Control Centre fails to start in WindowsXP

    For a few months now, my fully updated Windows XP Professional desktop installation fails to start AMD Catalyst Control Centre. I have installed the latest (legacy as my graphics is Radeon HD4670) version from AMD. The error I get is a pop-up labelled "Could not load file or assembly...
  20. J

    KEF speakers

    hi, Kindly suggest me KEF speakers (centre and surround) for Denon 1713 and KEF Q300. Thanks
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