[Query] Nexus 7 2012 service centre & cost


Wise Old Owl
Screen of my Nexus 7 2012 model has cracked & is unresponsive but the tablet's interiors are working fine. I am able to see the display. Went to a local service centre here in varanasi & was told that it would take Rs. 8000 to repair.
Seriously? The tablet originally cost Rs. 9000 in Nov 13'. What would be the actual cost of repairing it? Which place should I visit?


Broken In
My nexus 7 2012 screen cracked about a year ago while travelling and after taking it to the Asus service center the guy quoted 9k for screen replacement. :/ I tried searching various local market shops but it seems the screen is available nowhere. Gave up after trying for a month and the device has been rotting ever since. Sad scenes.


Right off the assembly line
My nexus 7 2012 screen also cracked few months ago. can anyone please let me know where i can get it repaired and what would be the approximate cost ? don't want a good piece of hardware go waste!!!
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