1. koolent

    A camera With all features but except a camera.

    Help Hi,I Need A mobile phone which has all features like: i)An Audio player ii)Fm Radio iii)blue tooth etc........... all features a cell phone can have but--> Just 1 thing --->Not a Camera please My Budget is abt...
  2. H

    Problem with my cell phone

    I am having sonyericson k8ooi it is restarting after sometimes what can be the problem
  3. slugger

    Cellphone for less than 8500 bucks

    Hi, Need to buy a new cell. Started looking around for suitable model yesterday. This time around I started looking for phones in the <= Rs. 10000 budget. Things I need this phone to do: * Replace my 3rd gen iPod Nano * Take pictures * casual reading of PDF files * Some casual video recording...
  4. Pragadheesh

    Continuously display 'cell info display' in my N79

    Hi, I would like to know if there is any software to continuously display 'cell info display' or the tower information in my nokia N79 mobile. Because even after turning the 'Cell info display' ON, i'm getting only junk alerts and not the tower information when i badly need it, like...
  5. W

    Touch Screen 40 Series Set ... Plz Seggest

    Hi Friends ! I wana purchase a Java 40 Serious NOkia Cell Phone , Please Suggest Any Good Option bellow 15K.
  6. N

    Need a New Cell Phone under 25k

    Hey frendz, I need a new cell phone under 25k. I need a g8 gud Camera in it....(Much better than N95) and Music shud also be better than N95.:razz: TouchScreen (another dilemma i am in,bcz i have heard tat Touch screen cell phones arent that sturdy n cam sucks in their Price range)....if its a...
  7. kool

    FREE !! Videocon D2H, is it TRUE??

    Hi friends, i received a SMS on my cell that i won VIDEOCON D2H set and logon to www.videocond2hdish.com, after entering my cell no. i get this message: During The Time of D2H Videocon Advertising Survey Your Mobile Number has Won a D2H Videocon Digital Dish TV With DVD Player” With This...
  8. avichandana20000

    phonetic words

    CAN EXCEL 2007 recognise PHONETIC words? if yes what is th formula to do so in excel cell?
  9. metalfan

    Any cell Phone for Under 2k !!!!URGENT

    Any cell phone in Black&White or colour with or without accessories SELLER SHOULD BE FROM DELHI Phone should be in working condition NOTHING ELSE MATTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY URGENTLY NEEDED
  10. IronCruz

    A good All Round Cell Phone

    i hav decided to buy a cell phone...My budjet is Rs7250\-. But Stuck b\n NOKIA 6303c and SE J105i Naite... Please Suggest me which to choose...Dont tell me about 5310XM or 5130XM..
  11. Zangetsu

    Please Help I Lost my Cell

    :wah::wah::wah::wah: My cell fone is stolen 2day morning in BEST bus..... ples help will i b able 2 get it..... i dont if mumbai police will help me...
  12. S

    new Cell phone in 15K

    I want to buy a new Cell phone . My budget is around 15 K . Kindly suggest some good phone. Currently I am considering: Nokia 5800 Nokia N79
  13. panacea_amc

    Aircel problem: Please help!

    hello all, yesterday my friend got an aircel prepaid sim. the delivery man gave ONLY the sim and not the booklet. so, she doesnt know her cell number.its over 24 hrs and the SIM is still not activated yet. i called customer care and they advised me to get hold of the delivery man. but due to...
  14. P

    how is fujitsu as a brand to own

    hi friends , i just hav bought fujitsu netbook on black friday.my cousin will be bringing it from US . i got it for 259 $(including tax and shipping) config is as follows 10.1" display intel atom 1.66ghz 1 gb ddr2 ram(upgradeable to 2 gb) 160 gd hdd color RED wifi bluetooth 6 cell...
  15. sharma_atul85

    Samsung 3310 or Nokia 5130

    Hi all am looking for a cell phone of around 5K So I narrowed down to two sets Samsung 3310 and Nokia 5130 XM My main concerns in descending order are: 1. Decent music player 2. Good battery backup 3. Better built 4. average camera So please suggest which one is better or you can suggest any...
  16. H

    any free dos laptop within 50k?

    m looking for a free dos laptop since my college provides free microsoft OS. any brand will do. my preferences are: 1. free dos (will be installing windows 7) 2. 9 cell (how much will it cost to upgrade from 6 cell battery?) 3. c2d 2.0 atleast 4. not more than 2.3kg 5. 13.3 or 14.1 inch...
  17. A

    need advice for laptop in banglore dell v/s hp

    hello guys my frnd in banglore wana purchase a laptop.she is having budget of rs 50,000(i think its maximum) she knows nothing about the laptops/computers/mobile sobile so she wana me to decide the laptop so i suggested dell studio 14 to her coz i think at price 43,900 its bang for buck as...
  18. desiibond

    Sony's PS3 Slim Carries Updated Cell Chip

    The new chip has been manufactured using an advanced 45-nanometer manufacturing process, an IBM spokesman said. Based on IBM's Power architecture, the chip delivers many performance improvements while drawing less power than earlier chips, IBM has said. The earlier console carried a Cell...
  19. BSOD

    Cell Phone <10K: Is C510 OK?

    Cell Phone <10K: Is C510 OK? Update: <13K Phone I was just going through this post and saw that C510 is mentioned. Some things I look for: *3G *Decent picture and audio quality *Good looking Oh, and I love Nokia and SE. I like C510's feature set. It looks okay. Anything which is better...
  20. JohnephSi

    Flight mode

    Hy friends could u tell me the real meaning of flight mode....whe=n we r on an airliner airhostess tol us 2 switch off the cell. can i put flight mode n enjoy the music or shall i follow da rules dr.......
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