1. Radhesh Bhoot

    Samsung S Advance or HTC One V???

    Hello Friends, I am planning to buy a cell with Android and have short listed two cell 1. Samsung Galaxy S Advance - 21k 2. HTC One V - 15.5K I have two questions for samsung galaxy S advance - 1. Any idea whether S Advance supports USB-on-the-go / USB Host feature 2. is it upgrade-able to...
  2. eggman

    Excel 08 behaving differently on Windows and Mac

    Hi Guys I am developing an integration between Excel and a System Software. Basically the System software downloads data in Excel format, fills it and uploads it back and the DB is updated after the uploaded. However I'm facing an issue. The Mac version of excel is not behaving properly...
  3. P

    Best Cell phone under Rs.15000

    Hi !! I want to buy a cell phone under Rs.15000 I make use of lots a apps and social networking. Looks are not a priority, just that it must be sturdy. It would be of great help if anyone could suggest a good cell phone falling in the price category of 15000. I could stretch my budget a bit...
  4. coderunknown

    Trinity laptops are here

    List of all available laptops powered by AMD Trinity processor (A-series 4XXX): Model Operating System Display Weight Processor Ram HDD Graphics Card USB 2.0/3.0 Battery Asus A55DR-SX102D DOS 15.6 Inch 2.4 kg AMD A8 4500M 4 GB DDR3 750 GB Radeon HD 7640G + HD 7670M 0/2 6 cell HP 4445S...
  5. Alok

    Splinter Cell Blacklist

    Be prepare to sneak folks ! :-D new splinter cell adventure coming spring 2013. Game will feature single player , co-op and spies vs mercenary modes. Mark and Execute retains from conviction. Wait for e3 for more info....:-| YuhfD48VRGE
  6. O

    Confused between hp envy and dell xps

    I am really confused which to buy- 1. Hp envy 15-3017tx - 76k 2. Dell xps 15 - 75k (customized) The differences.... 1. Hp has 8 cell battery whereas dell 6 cell battery. 2. Hp has amd mobility radeon 7690M(1gb) whereas dell has nvidia gt 540M(2gb) 3. Dell has a better speakers. 4. Hp is...
  7. N

    A cell Phone Under 10k??

    Hi friends , my cousin want a cell phone under 10k. So please provide me some suggestions. I have Lg optimus net p690,p698 ,Htc Explorer,Blackberry curve,sony ericsson xperia mini in my mind. You are free to provide the suggestions not listed by me. Please also give me a reason...
  8. A

    Cell phone suggestion needed under 7k

    Guys, I have a requirement of cell phone and my budget is between 6k to 7k. The cellphone should be music oriented with good sound quality. Decent camera is enough. It should have basic social networking and email. If such phone is there on the specified budget, please suggest me. Thanks
  9. atin

    4 Xbox360 games [PAL]

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Call of duty MW, Crysis 2, Splinter cell conviction, Batman Arkham Asylum Expected Price: Rs 600 for COD and Splinter Cell , 1000 for Crysis 2 and Batman Time of Purchase: 4-5 Months back Indian warranty...
  10. atin

    XBox 360 PAL Used Games

    For Sale ! * Product Name: Crysis 2 and Splinter cell conviction * Expected Price: Rs 1200 for Crysis 2 , 800 for Splinter Cell Conviction * Time of Purchase: 2-3 months back * Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No * Reason for Sale: Want money...
  11. A

    Speakers for calls on phone

    I have to take conference calls on my cell phone when i am working from home. The cell phone speaker isnt very clear so i want a good speaker for it. I tried a couple of speaker from ebay for around 200 - 500 but all are crap.. they have a bad humming sound even if i keep them away from the...
  12. N

    Connecting to the Internet using a cell phone as a MODEM!??

    I want to connect to the Internet on my PC (Windows XP) suing my Cell phone as a modem. I have a USB cable with which I can connect the cell to the PC. Then How do I proceed? I have a Vodaphone Connection(Prepaid), and a I Ball (Thin-QWERTY) Cell phone with GPRS . Please help!
  13. M

    splinter cell not working

    today i tried an old game cd that has the splinter cell chaos theory demo and i tried to install it on my pc.the installation went well but when i tried to play it it didnt work.then i again installed it on my brothers laptop and it ran well.i installed the game a few months back but that time...
  14. kool

    Reliance 3G for Rs.99 (2.5 GB) Yo Yo Yo..

    Hi guys, I didn't activate 3G but it automatically showing 3.5G in place of E sign in my Nokia 5230, so i recharged my cell with Rs.99 for 2.5 GB data for GPRS. But it giving speed like 3G, today i downloaded lots of mp3 and videos in my cell with speed varying in between 110 kb/s to 180 kb/s...
  15. v4u_luv2004

    Nokia E7

    Hey guys today i got my Nokia E7 and i'm really excited and loving it. Excited because Nokia gifted me this cell for being a loyal survey panellist of there R&D panel.. :grin: I guess u guys heard of Nielsen India!!!! Well yeah i'm a part of it...:wink: Today in the evening i received...
  16. kool

    I just love my NOKIA 5230____________ :-)

    Bought in Nov.2010 and i'm really satisfied with this phone. Just attaching some screenshots of my cell. :-P:-P:-P
  17. M

    New laptop

    I want to buy a laptop and i have found two configurations of Dell Inspiron. 1. 15.6 inch, i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HD, 9 cell battery.Rs.41000 approx. 2. 15.6 inch, i3 processor, 3 GB RAM, 320 GB HD, 9 cell battery.Rs.35300 approx. Please suggest. I will be using it for normal...
  18. curioustechy

    9-cell battery

    Recently i was told by a laptop store personnel that 9 cell batteries are no more in the market... I would like to know why its so as more the no. of cells more the back up time.. why 9 cell batteries are no more..
  19. static_x

    XP not loading after replacing the new battery!!

    Hi, There is a friend of mine who recently bought a replacement battery for his Lenovo 3000N100 laptop, but the OS fails to load when he puts on his new battery (it never goes beyond the Vista loading window..) Earlier he was using the 6 cell (4400 mAh) battery supplied with the laptop now he...
  20. pritish_kul2

    Sggstions - Rs 4000

    Ok, so i have Rs 4000/- in my hand. and i want to buy something random and fun. Any suggestions? NOTE: I HAVE A CELL AND A 'FULLY QUALIFIED' PC :D anything out of the world . unique.
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