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My dad is a CDMA user and currently uses a Galaxy Pop Cdma, which is 13 months old.
We know that there is a shortage of good cdma phones in india whereas in the US, all flagships have cdma versions for cdma carriers like Verizon and Sprint.
So if i bought suppose a Galaxy Nexus CDMA from verizon on contract and unlocked it immediately and then brought it to india,would it work on local cdma carriers like Reliance/MTS ??/:-o


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Reliance has to register phone's MEID on their network. I have heard Reliance does it at the cost of Rs 1000 charge if you have contacts (some friend in there). You cannot just pop in a SIM card in there as there is no slot for it in US based CDMA devices. Don't know about MTS though...

There are a few people online who do it for a price... Google "Reliance CDMA MEID registeration"...


Androidfan is exactly right, the CDMA phones available in US generally don't have a SIM Card Slot.
But you can register reliance, even I am using a Verizon Blackberry flip phone which I bought it from ebay, the seller only got reliance registered on it, and when I received the phone I just got a handset change card and got the no. transferred into my BB


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My dad has a Samsung Pop CDMA and it has some special sim called OMH(??) simcard.... whats that??
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