Dual Sim Active - GSM + CDMA - Need Confirmation


Ðèåd Måñ Wå£KîÑG
I saw on the Samsung website that the Samsung Primo Duos SCH-W279 handset is Dual Active.

I hope from Dual Active they mean - I can put a call on the GSM SIM "ON HOLD" & attend the call on CDMA SIM at the same time and vice-versa.

Can anyone confirm this? or please suggest me any other Dual Sim Active (GSM + CDMA) mobile with the said capability.


If brands don't matter, try Lemon mobiles. IIRC, they have a lot of variety with those capabilities.


Broken In
If u want to use this only for calls, then its ok, For anything else, the screen is too small.

Besides, I am not sure if this is Android-based. Whatever Samsung dual-sim (CDMA+GSM) phones I have seen have odl Android verions (2x-Gingerbread), while the current is ICS & JB.
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