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Refilling hp printer cartridge from outside


Is refilling of printer cartridge safe? I have HP deskjet 2050 printer and hp 802 cartridge is used. I want to refill my printer cartridge from a local shop instead of buying a new cartridge.


I do that many a times helps save bucks , haven't faced any problem. See to it that the person who refills KNOWS how to do so, if gone wrongly printer wont recognize it and you'll have to buy a new one eventually.


How to check ink levels manually? I have a option to check through hp tools on screen but it does not gives accurate readings. The blank ink level was shown at 25 percent but while taking print out the black content on the page became light and started fading. So this means that my black cartridge is almost at the end?

One of my relative tried installing a refilled cartridge into hp 1050 printer but the printer did not accept that cartridge. What could be the possible solution here?


Staff member
Refilling catridge is a child's play and you'll face no issues. Just that it won't run as long as original catridge. Also, in most cases, after "refilling", printer will show wrong ink levels.

I've also heard that some printers come with tech to detect and reject manually filled catridges.
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