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  1. Cyberghost

    Forza Horizon 3

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTSUgXkfooA Forza Horizon 3 Official E3 Trailer - In Forza Horizon 3, you’re in charge of the Horizon Festival. Customize everything, hire and fire your friends, and explore Australia in over 350 of the world’s greatest cars, including the debut of the 2017...
  2. Cyberghost

    Project Cars 2

    Developer: Slightly Mad Studios Platforms: Windows PC, Steam OS, Xbox One, PS4 Crowd Funding Link: Project Cars 2 Project Cars 2 has been announced and it already has a crowdfunding campaign set up on its WMD Portal platform. Developer Slightly Mad Studios noted that it will still...
  3. P

    Project CARS Where to Buy?

    Hi guys i would like to know if anywhere project cars is on pre order Anywhere except for flipkart.com as it is showing realese date as 20 may which is 2 weeks after launch! Plus will the game price go down (its made my an indie devloper) after a few months?
  4. Desmond

    China to scrap millions of cars in anti-pollution push

    India should take a cue? Since India's condition is not any better. Source : http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/05/26/us-china-pollution-idINKBN0E60AZ20140526?feedType=RSS&feedName=worldNews
  5. P

    P.r.o.j.e.c.t cars.(racing fans beware)

    NO ITS NOT A DIY GUIDE TO MAKING YOUR OWN CAR! Claimed "most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet" By the developers who plan to realese it on STEAMOS scrapping ps3 version!pc,Xbox one scrapping 360 version!wii u and the few others It's a...
  6. vickybat

    Project CARS

    Has anyone ever thought , an indie developer can challenge the high profiled ones? In the past we've seen indie devs showcasing their impressive talents with innovative concepts. Games like Journey, simply are a work of art and goes head to head with AAA titles for the top spot. But now comes a...
  7. CommanderShawnzer

    Games fan,stole a truck, kidnapped a woman and hit NINE cars to see what it was like to play GTA

    Zachary Burgess, 20, 'stole a truck, kidnapped a woman and hit NINE cars to see what it was like to play Grand Theft Auto in real life' | Mail Online I sense the role of Pot/Some other drug here more than GTA
  8. s18000rpm

    Codemasters F1 2013 game: to feature retro 80s and 90s cars and classic circuits

    F1 2013 versions at a glance Release date: TBC (Autumn) Formats (both editions): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC F1 2013: Classic Edition Limited edition release 1980s pack – ten former drivers including Mansell, Andretti and Berger with more to be announced, five classic cars...
  9. nikku_hot123

    XBOX 360 Controller for pc calibration problem

    Hey guys i recently got Xbox 360 controller for windows from shopclues.com but i am not able to calibrate it properly it is always bending towards left little bit so while driving cars in racing games cars are curving towards left automatically. while searching google it found there are...
  10. Nanducob

    Italian navy flag on ferrari

    Aww we are getting offended ! source:Ferrari denies Italian navy flag on F1 cars is a political message - CNN.com
  11. H

    camera needed upto 15k

    hi ! i need a suggestion on the purchase of camera! i read many forums but it made me more confused ! I am newbie and i need it for all tours (which includes zoomed picture , recording from inside the cars) for upcoming functions like diwali ! and for home-based low or no light recording ...
  12. RCuber

    Any reputed RC Shops in India?

    Hello guys, I am looking for a specific product which is used in Radio Controlled (RC) Cars. I am searching for Traxxas Differential Oil. I want to search if this is available in India or else I will have to buy it from the international eBay site. Thanks !! PS: Im not to RC Cars at all...
  13. K

    Aluminum to replace copper in cars?

    Scientists from Münich Technical University, in collaboration with BMW engineers, have discovered tricks make it possible to replace copper with aluminium, specifically for use in cars. Aluminum to replace copper in cars? | Elektor
  14. leo61611616

    Google Develops Cars That Can Drive Themselves

    Google researchers have been working on a secret car project that can drive themselves, using artificial-intelligence software. Google has seven test cars that have driven a total of 140,000 miles in traffic. The cars are a modified version of the Toyota Prius and one Audi TT. The...
  15. M

    cheap cars

    you want to purchase your dream car in a low price.so please visit this site and a luxury car given by government auction.it also provide various services. cheap cars
  16. iinfi

    policeman dies as ministers look on ... its a ****INGing DISGRACE

    Source: http://www.merinews.com/article/policeman-dies-crying-for-help-as-politicians-look-on/15793670.shtml
  17. IronCruz

    Similar Game

    Is there any game which is similar to FORZA motorsport(Xbox) in PC? With varieties of cars, good graphics....:mrgreen:
  18. ajayashish

    need for Speed Undercover Tips

    hi guys.... i really liked this game but now need your help... in my career state in the game i have been assigned 4 hot jobs together and need to steel the cars and reach a certain place. but when ever i attempt this races the car damages and am unable to loose the enemy cars... i try to...
  19. shift

    The Official GRID Thread

    guys, anyone play GRID from Codemaster? if yes, then 1. how is it? 2. what high end cars are there? 3. what race mode are there, i mean like drift, sprint, circuit ? 4. can the cars be customized like NFS? thanks
  20. F

    Vexel best cars wallpapers - Digitized (300+ cars,bikes)

    Rapidshare 190MB...
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