1. B

    Suggest a racing game............

    am currently playin need for speed most wanted? but it has no damage to the cars.. i want some game for the pc that portrays accident damage to the cars lke burnout4(xbox) has... would any of u guys out here know ?? :shock: pls suggest somethin
  2. A


    HI FRIENDS, I want to know which cars u won in nfsmw and have u beat Razor and how much Bounty u got mine is about 1 crore something more than Razors. Reply soon
  3. kau_therock

    WCG nfs ug2 help !!!!!

    hi guys. as u all must know i m goin to participate in nfs ug2 tourney at wcg in pune. so i just wanted to have some tips and tricks on how to play in such a huge tourney as this is my first time.also i wud accept ur suggestions on what cars shud i choose nd which not. the details are...
  4. A

    gta san andreas stuck...

    Hey ppl ... i am stuck in two missions in San Andreas.. one is the Cesar Vialpando Lowrider Racing mission and the other is the Stadium racing mission.. someone tell me how to clear these missions.... i have played it many times.but does not work. in earlier gtas i would get out of the car and...
  5. sujeet2555

    no sound

    i have nfs:underground .when i run the game ,there is no menu sound ,also while playing there is no music but i can hear car's engine sound. :x
  6. S

    F1 2001

    I have a P3 800 Mhz machine with 320MB SD RAM (64+256 with 16MB dedicated for graphics) and Windows 98SE and Windows XP SP2 as the OSes. the problem is that whnever i try to run F 1 2001 game the colours appear fine but after sometime the contrast increases and the screen appears nearly black...
  7. kunwar

    STUCK in 2nd stage of mafia POOR cars No WEOPANS!!!!!!

    see, it is the MISSION in which i have 2 DESTROY the cars parked in the backyard of something like"lactov's party". i go there with paulie with a cocktail . when i go there, those guards have REVOLVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i AM KILLED. helppppppppppp
  8. S

    post ur customised nfsu2 cars here

    hello there. i wanted to start a thread where ppl could post (showoff) their customised nfs u2 cars. newayz i had posted a query before on how to post the pic and thnks for the help. here's my mitsubishi 3000gt. and the audi a3
  9. club_pranay

    Need For Speed Underground Reinstall

    how can i backup(and restore later) driver records and unlocked tracks, cars etc, i am going to reinstall my windows, and i've completed 75/111
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