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hi guys.... i really liked this game but now need your help...

in my career state in the game i have been assigned 4 hot jobs together and need to steel the cars and reach a certain place. but when ever i attempt this races the car damages and am unable to loose the enemy cars... i try to use the same techniques which i used for the cops but it dont work on them...

can someone tell me how to complete this... i am really desperate to proceed in the game.

PLS someone help or no one has completed this yet

has no one comppleted this yet
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Jobs with Car Damage on require u to use that slow motion when the traffic is high and try to move ur car without banging it much ... Either u WRECK the Thugs car or Run into Garage (The position of garage is shown on your map)
When the police chases u ... U got to lose em .. Use pursuit breakers for this ... If u find it hard to see em .. Open ur Map .
As soon as u lose the cops ... Proceed to your destination.
All this has to done in stipulated time.


All you gotta do is drive as if you are driving areal car, without banging traffic and do not let the thugs touch you. Its quite simple just need li'l practice. once you finish the job you will realize how easy it was. Do not frightened n lose control when racing your car in traffic.
Dont bother with the thugs . Like fireshot said just concentrate on Driving to your destination . Dont bother if they bang you a few times . Just keep going towards your destination . AI is very easy so its almost impossible to loose this way .

You can also neutralise their cars but new guys keep coming after a short interval .
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