1. esumitkumar

    Best car audio system ?

    Hi I have alto LX and I want to buy a new car audio system ..which is the best ? Prices in Gurgaon as follows : 1. Sony Explod 4000 / - without bill 2. JVC 3800/- without bill 3. Pioneer 4400 /- without bill any suggestions are welcome ..thanks
  2. pritish_kul2


    i have u2 on my lappy. whe n i play it with the keyboard attached with it plays fine. but when i attach a external keyboard, the car doesn't accelerate only. the transmission is auto.
  3. Ganeshkumar

    Accesories for laptop..

    I want to know what r the accesories available for laptop in the market?? I am planning to buy Dell Inspiron 6400... Also tell me how much is the Car charger for llaptop available in the market? I saw it in HCL website... Thanks...:)
  4. Gigacore

    Transform a CD-ROM Drive into a Car CD Player!

    How To Make The Adaptation To be used as CD player, the CD-ROM drive doesn't need to be connected to the computer. This way, it is possible to easily transform a CD-ROM drive into a Car CD player. Sounds crazy? Not so. With this tutorial you will be able to have a CD player in your car...
  5. s18000rpm

    TRANSFORMERS [movie]

    Transformers are fictional alien robots and the titular characters of a popular Hasbro toy line and its spin-offs. They come from the planet Cybertron and are divided into the heroic Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, and the evil Decepticons, led by Megatron. They are able to "transform"...
  6. iMav

    Porche 911 revamped: GTStreet

    After the response i got for my previous thread on cars heres another 1 on another car my favourite car the porsche 911 ... its been revamped by TechArt an been names gtstreet here are some images and its capabilities: The GTstreet features a 3.6-liter twin-turbo engine modified by...
  7. pavarathy

    Any body tell me what is this game?

    [first of all i am extremely sorry for my pooor english:(] Hello frnds i want to know abot a game. It is a car driving game. I saw it in a program in AXN similar to gamer TV(months ago....). They use this game in all episode to find good player. It is so stylish that if we hit our car to some...
  8. koolbluez

    Life-saver, my mobile :D

    Direct adaptation from the site. Might b helpful sometime. :D Some of it we know... some we dunno... All I aim to is... that we all know all of it ;) Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it: FIRST...
  9. moshel

    Buying a Car Audio System

    hey guys m gonna buy a new car so need suggestions for a good system..........i demand more clarity than loud music and high budget is 15k......i checked websites of sony and pioneer but m confused.... for eg. is the cd panel and speakers are to be purchased separately? that...
  10. 47shailesh

    Car Audio System

    Hi All i want to buy a good car audio system for.. My Budget is 15k can you suggets the best in the budget :!:
  11. shadow slayer 2007

    A sports car that runs on any fuel

    It can seat 3 ppl side by side too ITs comin out in late 2008 and targeted price is around 28000-59000 us$ Wen i saw the image it looked like a toy car go to the links at the end to see features and specs All these environmentally-friendly cars of the future we always see require some fancy...
  12. W

    getting out of the car in godfather

    to get out of the car in GODFATHER simply download a fixed patch of the game from
  13. D

    Car(Toy car) which can be controlled through serial port

    Dear friends, In my school there is an exibhition this year. So i have decided to display a car which can be controlled through the computer. So my dear friends can you tell me the detailed steps and procedures to create this. You can also tell the website where i can get help Please...
  14. blueshift

    ..Now see in MS Paint

    Making of a car in Paint. Watch it will like it. *
  15. S

    Post your Carbon drift points here

    *hic* I'm down with 20-30 bottles of beer and can't make a sh*t of what I'm gonna post. Missed drifting since NFSU (didn't play U2). can't handle it anymore, gotta splash it out. Okey, so if you can make the car skid sideways then post your points :D Oh heah, maybe screenshots can help too :D:D...
  16. Ray

    Which is the best car in NFS Most Wanted?

    Which one do u think is the best car?I am currently in blacklist 3 and Lamborghini Gallardo seems the best car now.I am thinking of buying a new car.So which one should I buy? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I am in the 2nd blacklist and Gallardo and...
  17. n2casey

    Want to know the name of game

    I palyed my first game on friend's PC. Might be 6-7 yrs. before. That time my friend was not knowing much about computers & myself too was new for computers. So both of us don't remember the name of that game. It was a car racing game. When game starts, a car of black color is shown. Weather...
  18. tweety_bird_bunny

    nfs most wanted car sell ???

    suppose i bought a car and upgraded it regulalrly in nfs MW,,, now if i want to buy another new car,,will i have to purchase all its upgrades differently??i mean is there no way that upgrades of the previous car are transferred onto the new car as it used to happen in NFS UG1. also if i even if...
  19. s18000rpm

    Racing Games Discussion

    Any FANs of Simulation Racing games like Colin McRae 04, 05 ; Formula 1 series, NFS Porsche, lets discuss/share some Tuning / Setup & Strategy tips here. & also some great moments in Games. Tuning & Car Set-up Tips: :arrow: NFS Porsche Unleashed. Any car that you buy in "modern era"...
  20. Official Techie

    a game

    is there any game which is based on car racing but actuallyur car has many missiles, speed boosters and guns there was a game breakneck many yrs ago i wnt to ask is there any such game now
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