1. ssk_the_gr8

    which is the best car magazine???

    for bikes there is only bike india but when it comes to cars there are topgear ------------------- rs 60 overdrive rs 60 autocar india rs 60 car india ------------------------ rs 75 car india is slightly costly...
  2. arunks

    security issue in PM house

    Tonite a hyundai sonata car entered PM house, without any security check they passed first secuirty barrier. car had two beautiful girls and one boy ,..all three were drunken according to media,. funny is that they wanted to meet PM. So what a security threat in india again guys what do u say
  3. nithinks

    How to getdown from car in MAFIA

    hello; Can anyone tell me how to getdown from the car in MAFIA ? im currrently in 4th mission (i suppose to destroy all the cars in a garage) MAFIA , i don know the version... Which control should i use?
  4. F

    problem with godfather

    i recently bought the god father dvd from ea. but i face a problem that when i enter a car i can't get out!!! that's outrageous!
  5. K

    no display in DVD player

    HI, I have a Philips DVD player => DVP 5106K. The main disadvantage is, it doesnt have the display (unlike a car stereo). In a Pioneer car stereo, i noticed that it will show the album(directories), files, etc.. ie., we can navigate to a particular file/dir very easil;y. But...
  6. R

    Godfather Help,getting out of the car

    hey guyz i get in a car by pressing the space bar but don't seem to get out if i press it again.
  7. N

    fm transmitter

    i have a sony ericsson k750i, saw something interesting accessory on the web for it, its MMR-60.that transmits mp3 from cell on a fm range which i can tune to my car music any one know where can i purchase it and the cost.
  8. s18000rpm

    Formula 1 '99-'02 PC Game

    Guys i'm having this game in my pc for the past 2 weeks, i didn't have any problem in it, but a week ago my friend did something in it & now my car (any car which i drive), never get DAMAGED. What's the reason for this?
  9. abhinavrakesh

    Need For Speed Underground 2 Fans

    Hey All Gamers Upload Your Customized Car In This Forum Let Us Decide Who Customize The Best Car.
  10. A

    Making ROBOT CARS-2

    This is the second of my part to make a ROBOT car. I hv got the idea now abt how to make a car. The question i m having is very much elementary.How can i increase the speed of the my car. It is a DC motor one----- the fwd/reverse motion as well as the left/right motion. I hv also got a ready...
  11. K

    Where is free roam in need for speed most wanted ?

    i have the full version nfsmw where is free roam ,i unlock and complete the game to 100%. i want free roam. i want to customize my car and drive in free roam. plz help me
  12. yrana2002

    Mafia woes

    Mafia is indeed a great game(only flaw being too much driving instead of action), but it has two technical problems, with my pc: 1. In tutorial, when you are to open the lock of the car provided & step in, no notification comes after that, even if i drive the car around or bang a few people...
  13. Akshay

    Recommended s/w. & links for Nokia 6600

    Here is a list of MUST HAVE softwares for nokia 6600 along with the links. Suggestions, comments for other softwares r welcome. System utilities- 1. efile manager (eFileman) by psiloc - a bettr option den fexplorer 2. Appman - - application...
  14. dreams

    Audio CD Help !!!!!!

    Hello all.. I hv a Car with some gud Music System PIONEER. It has some incredible surround and woofers. I hv seen some people playin their kind of songs in their car and when its heard by outside people v can hear the chillness and bass very clearly.. When i was a kid i hv gone to some...
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