1. RCuber

    Car Charger advise needed before purchase.

    I need a car charger. I am looking at three specific models from Nokia, Capdase and Philips Nokia DC-20 Dual USB Car Charger - Nokia: Capdase Car Charger CA00-PS03 - Capdase: Philips DLP2257 2.1A Dual USB Car Charger - Phillips: Mobiles used...
  2. webgenius

    Installing Android tablet in car

    Currently I'm using a Pioneer in-audio entertainment system for FM and MP3 via USB. It has been almost close to 3 years since I started to use this, and I need a change now. Recently I have started to use Google Navigation and Sygic Navigator of mobile in the car recently. For this purpose, I...
  3. webgenius

    Car mobile mount/holder

    Hi, I need a car mobile mount/holder for my Nexus 4. I'll be using this for mounting on to the windshield, so that I can use Google maps or Sygic Navigator for navigation purposes while driving. Previously I used a mount from Fly, and the quality was terrible. Can you guys please...
  4. RCuber

    Car Audio System Budget 15K MAX

    Hey guys, We are about to buy a new car (Swift or Figo) and I want to do some research on the audio gear which we need to buy for the Car. we don't listen to music maxed out so high end might not be necessary. I have understood that one required the following components for the best...
  5. R

    Car Subwoofer for computer - 5.1 Bass home theatre!

    Hi guys i had this idea of getting a car sub running for my computer and finally i made up my mind did some research on how to do it and Successfully got it up and running perfect! Its just so awesome now , all games and movies are perfectly balanced with bass ( which i adjusted for many many...
  6. Ricky

    Drive your car in Gautam Buddh international circuit and feel the racing instinct

    Anyone who is auto enthusiast will have big smile from this news; src: Drive your super car in Buddha International Formula 1 Racing Track Seriously I am planning to give it a visit very soon, atleast one hour drive, always wanted to drive like real racer ;)
  7. deepak_ds

    Need an amp for my car stereo

    I have a Sony MEX-DV1606U installed in my car. I have 2 3-way speakers of 100W, 4 ohms at the rear. I doubt if there is any amp connected to it. I am very new to car audio and amplifiers. I know very less about the stuff. Suggest me a proper amplifier for the pair. What I learnt from the...
  8. .jRay.

    Honda Civic Catches Fire

    In a shocking reflection on the poor state of safety on Indian roads, fire fighting systems installed in the underpass didn't work, resulting in the unfortunate loss of a life. Fire engines sent from the Delhi International Airport were unable to reach the scene on time. Precautions...
  9. D

    How has Internet influenced your life ?

    Besides some time wasting $hit, lolcats etc.. internet did influence my life a bit in positive way.. lemmi share some of the best things i've come across. 1. Today you... tomorrow me Couple of years back, i've found this comment on a askreddit thread.. this was posted by reddit user rhoner...
  10. shreymittal

    Iron rods sticking out of truck pierce through car in Noida near Delhi

    NOIDA: Iron rods protruding from a truck near Delhi pierced through a car when it rear-ended the truck, killing one and injuring two others. Amit Srivastava, working with a software firm in Noida, a suburb of Delhi, was driving to work with two colleagues in a Hyundai I-10 when he hit the...
  11. sanny16

    Reversing a car in NFS THE RUN

    How do i reverse a car in nfs run? I get stuck every time i crash against a wall or something and i am not able to reverse back car. I checked the keyboard settings but did not find the reverse option in there.
  12. R

    Speakers,Amplifier for My CAR

    Hello Guys I have lot of PC queries solved here,So this time I need some help regarding choosing Audio System fr My car. I have a Kenwood KDC- MP5039U System,want to buy 2 Front 2 Rear Speakers ( JBL Preferrably ).Also require a good quality Amplifier Also Can some1 guide me with links that...
  13. B

    Real Racing 3

    The game looks and plays awesome and is still free.. You can play the complete game free... How EA makes money is buy in-game purchases. Howevr the good news is that its not the stupid boosts(the pay to win type) but things like repairing your car etc. Which can also be done without purchases...
  14. S

    Pen Drive Partitioning

    Hello, I am actually interested in Partitioning my 16 GB Pen drive and the reason for it is that my car media does not recognise a Pen drive which is more than 4 GB. Now can I make 4 Primary Partition of 4 GB each and then fool the car media system to see it as 4GB Pen drive instead of...
  15. R

    let me know the best car

    i am planning to buy a new me out
  16. Nipun

    Road Sense? Sorry what's that?

    This is the common Indian's thinking- "If no one's seeing, I can do anything wrong." Same is with traffic these days. Everyone tries to jump that red signal because no traffic cop is watching you. What does it save you? 30 Second, a minute or 3 minutes at max. Whereas if the same crossing has a...
  17. M

    Car audio video set up guidance required!

    Hi guys I wish to gift my cousin car audio video entertainment system who owns an 2002 model of scorpio.I know he owns a decent speaker and amplifier system in car, and he is planning to get video display in car.Please help me get one in budget of 15k. Thanks.
  18. A

    Car stereo help needed!!!

    Hey guys I have an alto 2008 model... I am planning to setup sound system but my budget is very tight max around 8k... i am an amateur audiophile but i do nit have any idea in terms of car stereo... So i need your help in setting up a good enough setup for my car... Also i need to point out...
  19. K

    DIY car stereo

    I recently got a Maruti 800 from my parents after they decided to upgrade. Its a 2003 model without AC or stereo. Since its an old vehicle i don't see a point trying to spend a lot for the car stereo, HU, Amp, Speakers. Thought will go the DIY way. Coming to the project Plan is to try to put...
  20. dhawald

    Booked Tata Nano special edition after much research.

    Hi guys, I have booked Tata Nano special edition after doing much research on the car. was to be used mainly in city driving and some occasional highway use. Great space, Great mileage, great AC and very comfortable. will post pictures when I get the delivery.
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