1. R

    Car Charger

    Hey guys i wanted to buy a car charger so was confused which one to buy since the branded ones are quite expensive & charge only mobiles from its own brand but local mutli chargers are cheap but i think they would harm the battery wht do you guys feel??
  2. X

    Internet controlled RC car.

    So I've been reading digit for the past 2 years and am very happy that i purchased it accidently at a small bookstore when I was waiting for a bus. I just created this account to thank Digit for making me a technical guru:oops: but also for letting you all know what I've made recently thanks to...
  3. khmadhu

    best car inverter..?

    Hi i am looking for a car inverter for my new swift VXi model. I need to connect a laptop and 2 mobile chargers, I am thinking of buying belkin inverter.. as it has high power and lifetime warranty I am thinking of buying this.. Belkin USB Anywhere AC 220 by DC Car 12 V 200 W + Bill |...
  4. Tenida

    My Fav. Car Chevrolet Camaro...turns 45 :))

    More Pics of Old Camaro Source-BBC Topgear
  5. mitraark

    DRIVER San Francisco

    I was somewhat surprised to find there was no discussion thread about this game , i personally like the series . wPM_HOGnK0o Microsoft Windows version will be released on 27 September 2011.
  6. Cool Buddy

    Car Audio

    How much does a car audio system cost on the lower side? No one in our family is much of music listener. However a car without audio system doesn't look good. So can I get one fitted for around 3-4k? I believe all of them come with USB support these days (coz that's a must). The sales person...
  7. papul1993

    Confused between the new Honda Jazz and new Suzuki Swift.

    Hi, We have a 10 years old daewoo Matiz. It has run just 42000 kms.(no, i didn't miss a zero.) We want to buy a new car. My only two choice now is the ones I mentioned in the title. Should we buy a diesel swift? With rising petrol prices diesel seems to be the only sane choice. Also our monthly...
  8. khmadhu

    Good car audio system

    Hi, After my i5 rig its time to buy a car :-) I am looking for a good car audio system(player with speakers and woofer) for my maruthi swift (going to book next week..) as some of you may know most of the cars around 4-5 lac wont come with CD players.. but its a must have for every car...
  9. krates

    Car dent remover?

    due to my @#@$%@$@$ parking I get every now and then a dent on my car.. its getting costly to get every dent removed... there are loads of dent remover on ebay I want to buy one I need suggetions!
  10. kool

    Car stereo system with USB+ FM ..!! Help me to buy..!!

    Guys, dont knw where to post this question, For my Wagon-R, I want to buy a cheapest CAR stereo with USB+FM support only!! Actually Sony Xplod stereo was is installed in my car, but now it has stopped working (5year old), so now want to change to USB support system so i can enjoy my fav...
  11. P

    Shift 2 Unleashed: Official Releasedate announced

    Electronic Arts announced today the official releasedate of Shift 2 Unleashed: the game will be available in Europe on March 24th & 25th, 2011 and in North America on March 29th, 2011. Additionally you can preorder the game and get your hands on the Limited Edition, which contains exclusive...
  12. rahul_c

    Carnuda car wax in laptop!

    Is it ok to apply car wax to laptop glossy parts? I did it for the first time today and it has increased shine significantly(scratches only visible in direct sunlight) the box of wax says it's not recommended to do that!
  13. M

    cheap cars

    you want to purchase your dream car in a low please visit this site and a luxury car given by government also provide various services. cheap cars
  14. anubisX

    Nokia N97 Mini Brand New In Box

    Product : Nokia N97 Mini Date Of Purchase : August 28, 2010 Warranty : 1 year Purchase Invoice : Available Condition : Brand New In Box Location : Kolkata, WB Reason : Need Cash Expected Price : Rs. 17,000/- Shipped Shipping Charges : Free Courier : Blue Dart / DTDC / Local Pick-up Payment ...
  15. R

    Vista drivetech4 for FREE!

    A new car by the Tata group using the same technology used by European cars is in the market! Has anyone test-driven it yet? It's surprisingly really cool. It's different from the earlier Indica Vista models, that's probably why it's called just 'Vista drivetech4'. *
  16. E

    Pen drive says no audo in car stereo

    Pen drive: says no audo in car stereo I am facing problem with my pen drive (sandisc 4 gb) which used to be working fine with my pioneer car stereo .no the pendrive is not working with the head unit , every thing is fine ehn connected to my pc .. i think this happened after i formatted to...
  17. NewsBytes

    Back to the Future (DeLorean) Mod for Crysis

      Turkish 3D artist Mert Mimaroglu has created a Crysis mod featuring the time-traveling DeLorean car from the Back to the Future movies. The mod allows players to jump few hours in time when the car crosses that significant 88 miles per hour mark.   The great thing about this mod is not only...
  18. ajayashish

    NFS Shift: Reward query

    hi, I have a very silly query for those who have played Shift. When we are promoted to a new level we get several rewards. Now one such reward says "WON FALKEN TIRE FORD MUSTANG GT". Does this mean a car??? if yes then how do we collect this car. I saw in a lot of levels we get this type of...
  19. hellknight

    Car for Dad under 5 lakh!!

    Ok.. i'm a biker (just got my new P220 DTS-i).. don't know how to drive (cars).. but dad isn't.. he knows how to drive.. so he's looking forward towards a good car under 5 lakh... Options :- 1. i20 2. Ritz. (hate her arse) 3. Grande Punto (power is low acc. to me) 4. Getz Personally...
  20. N

    My Review of Need For Speed Shift

    Hi! I got my hands on NFS Shift original version from my cousin. Here is my review. The PC specs and Game settings are as below PC: Intel C2D E7200 2.53GHz 1066MHz FSB Intel DG31PR mobo 2GB DDR2 667MHz RAM XFX GeForce 8600GT with 512MB DDR2 Samsung HD250HJ 250GB HDD Samsung SyncMaster 794MG...
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