1. patkim

    Why Google captcha is aggressive when it detects TOR Exit Node!

    Sometimes I use TOR to browse the net. Usual browsing is okay but whenever I attempt to register on some site that requires Google captcha verification, it throws at least 15 - 20 repeated captcha image slides before verification is thru. Usually it just takes one correctly solved captcha...
  2. abhigeek

    Cloudflare Captcha and dictionary attack.

    Guys from last few weeks I'm getting captcha error if I try to access any website that it hosted by cloudflare. You can see this in image attached. Because of malicious activity from my ip. Then I checked my ip at Project Honey It turned out series of dictionary attacks are detected from my...
  3. clmlbx

    Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Key For 1 Year (PC) + 6 Months for Mobile (separate keys)

    For PC visit here : Free Bitdefender 2015 For Mobile: Get 6 months free protection for your Android! Instructions: 1. Just Enter EMail 2. Enter Captcha 3. Submit to get License in your Inbox
  4. IronCruz

    Threat from Virus!!!

    Hey guys i was browsing FB on Internet. Suddenly, FB got slower, chat menus didn't appear for sometime, FB was not refreshing, while opening Keep-tube, got the CAPTCHA saying that Access Restricted!! Is this because of VIRUS? :( I'm using AVAST 6 on Windows 7!!
  5. R

    Download manager supporting captcha

    Hi everyone, I am using Jdownloader as my download manager and it works like a charm. But is there any other download manager that supports automatic captcha filling like Jdownloader does so that there is no need to wait while downloading from ftp sites. Any alternatives.?
  6. NucleusKore

    Inside India’s CAPTCHA solving economy

    Source: * No CAPTCHA can survive a human that’s receiving financial incentives for solving it, and with an army of low-wagedIndia CAPTCHA breakers human CAPTCHA solvers officially in the business of “data processing” while earning a mere $2 for solving a...
  7. mayanks_098

    Rapidshare says bye bye to, the 12th most popular site [via Ale

    Source, the 12th most popular site [via Alexa], and the most most popular file hosting site on the planet has finally,for the goodness of the eyes of common being, bid farewell to its notorious CAPTCHA. This news is big owing to the status of rapidshare. They say rapidshare is...
  8. ring_wraith

    Now I'm pissed off...

    Check out this actual captcha from RS: Its asking for 4 letters with the Don't All have it????? That's just mean.
  9. Third Eye

    The RapidShare Happy Hours

    Did anyone notice Rapidshare Happy Hours? This is awesome. You don't need to wait for timer and enter captcha in Happy Hours. The RapidShare Happy Hours are active right now. Have fun!
  10. Faun

    Why can't we hav Captcha to resuce spam ??

    Look at the no. of spams ! At least we can hav a thread going to the trash if anybody report it, and when some moderator examines it he/she can either restore it or delete it. Nevermind am dreaming again. Some viable solutions suggested by members to reduce spam: Critical: 1...
  11. GeeNeeYes

    google search asks for captcha !! help

    hello peeps... i seem to have run into a peculiar problem with google! whenever i try to search it warns me & asks me for captcha ! have a look! ps: I am running the latest updated antivirus
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