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  1. lm2k

    entry level cannon p&s camera upto 6k

    hi guys one of my friend wants to buy a entry level p&s camera for occasional photography(as a hobby to start with) can anybody please suggest a CANON p&s with following features aperture= of the range f/2.8 or f/2.7 at wide to f/4 or greater ois=does not matter optical zoom=min 3x...
  2. pranav0091

    Canon Ixus 220 vs Nikon S6150

    A friend of mine wants to buy a point and shoot camera and asked me suggest one for her for under 10k. After a bit of searching i have zeroed in on the following models. Canon Ixus 220 Nikon S6150 The friend is a girl and as such i don't expect her to fiddle around with the settings too...
  3. S

    Point & Shoot Camera @ 10K

    I want P&S Camera with excellent image quality and preferably high zoom. I can spend around 10k After a lot of research, I shortlisted few Sony W570 @9800 Canon ISUX 115 @9210 & 130 @9675 Canon A3300 @8725 Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 @10700 Kodak easyshare M575 @6500 & M580 @8500 I...
  4. astroutkarsh

    DSLR Basics

    DSLR basics with examples. Canon DSLRs and Lenses 101 - Canon Digital Photography Forums Though it is for Canon, but applies to any DSLRs.
  5. J

    Digital camera

    Hi, Need camera for home use. Budget Rs 25000. Whats technical and practical difference between Powershot and Ixus of canon?
  6. I

    Required: High Speed Scanner

    Hi, I want to buy a scanner mainly to scan office documents and occasionally, photos. Can anybody please suggest me a good scanner for this (How about Canon?). My budget is maximum up to 6k to 7k. Thanks...
  7. ashok jain

    Canon sx130 digital camera

    Hello, I want to sell my Canon Sx130 digital camera . its hardly used , apx 4 month old 1. *Model number and details: canon sx130 2. *Date of purchase: apx FAB 2011 ( eBay 3. Reason for sale: i want SLR ( D3100 ) 4. Warranty details: apx 1 year 8 month warranty still left. ( total 2...
  8. esumitkumar

    [Digicam]Canon A590 IS 8MP 4X optical zoom

    1. *Model number and details: Canon A590 IS 8 Megapixels, 4X optical zoom with 2GB free memory card read more details here Canon U.S.A. : Support & Drivers : PowerShot A590 IS 2. *Date of purchase: Around 1 yr ago 3. Reason for sale: Going for more better digicam 4. Warranty details: N/A...
  9. I

    Canon SX 30 IS or Nikon P500?

    Hello Guys! I am confused in between these two cameras.. - Canon SX 30 IS or Nikon P500.. Which one should i go for??
  10. sid25290

    seriously confused

    man i am totally confused was looking forward to sony hx100v but heard it will not be launched till august so what i am asking is is Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 is the best buy? i compared it with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ45, canon sx30is, nikon p500 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 come on top of all...
  11. R

    Nikkon D5100 or Canon 550D

    Guys please suggest which one is better & why? Canon 550D or Nikkon D5100?
  12. P

    Suggest Point & Shoot Digital Camera

    This post is written after lots of research on P&S cameras, Looking for decent P&S Digital Camera. Have been using Canon PowerShot A570 IS & addicted to its very good clarity. Getting fed up due to its bulkiness & continuous problem of "Low batteries" message even with brand new Duracell...
  13. B

    Best settings for Canon SX130 Power shot

    Can someone tell me how to get best settings for Canon sx 130 like How to capture photos making background blur Panorama ,best macro mode shots
  14. V

    DiGiCam which to choose ?????

    Hi, I have search on digicam reviews and all but still confused because it's my first buy.so i still have confusion between some models NIKON Coolpix s2500 Canon Powershot a3100 and sony all under 7k i need image stabilization good and good video recording
  15. KRISHI101

    Need Help in Buying Digital Camera

    its always for most for everyone confusing to choose the correct suitable Digital Camera among the largest companies.. Like me.. i need a great picture quality camera.. and every new facilities.. i searched Canon and sony.. and i am confused and dont know which one to buy.. my range is...
  16. K

    Canon SX 130 IS vs Sony DSC - H55

    Hi Guys, I cant decide between SX 130 and H-55. Both are almost around the same price and with same features. SX 130 uses AA batteries which is my main concern. I'm not a pro wit cams. l just need cam for family occasions, group pics wit friends. Also i need good flash for taking pics...
  17. R

    New camera 10~12k

    Hi Guys, Looking for a new camera in the price range of 10-12k.. Have short listed these 2: PowerShot SX130 IS - Digital Cameras - Canon India Digital IXUS 130 - Digital Cameras - Canon India Any idea which one is better? Any other models/brands which i can look in to at these price range?
  18. V

    Coolpix or powershot

    Which one is great in picture quality: Nikon coolpix S6000 or Canon powershot sx130 is
  19. T

    canon DSLR (body only)

    hi, i am looking to buy a canon dslr body post 350D models only models like 1000d, 400d etc Location: Trivandrum, Kerala PM me with expected price, warranty status, shutter count etc
  20. bubusam13

    Urgent help needed

    Hi, I m buying a compact digital camera tomorrow. Which one should I buy among this two Canon PowerShot A3000 IS or Gadgets Fujifilm FinePix AX250 Canon have optical image stabilization, face detection, macro, 4x optical zoom but no extra features. Fuji have digital image stabilization...
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