1. Zangetsu

    Canon 300mm F/1.8 lens exists

    An actual Canon 300mm F/1.8 lens exists, but you will probably never get to see one Source: An actual Canon 300mm F/1.8 lens exists, but you will probably never get to see one Just imagine the possibilities if this beast is mounted on a standard full-frame camera!
  2. z3rO

    PnS camera buying advice (15k-20k).

    What's your budget? 15K - 20K Camera type? Point and Shoot Body Style? Compact or Bridge Compact How much zoom do you want/expect? ~20X optical Do you care for manual exposure controls? Yes What will you be shooting with this camera? Home gatherings, Travel. Will you be...
  3. digibrush

    canon 50mm 1.8 or 40mm 2.8mm

    canon 50mm 1.8 or 40mm 2.8 Recently I got EOS 700D with 18-55 lens. Aperture only 3.5 to 5.6. this is not good for night shoot. I need some wide aperture lens and want to choose between Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM and Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens. So friends, please let me know what should be...
  4. I

    Lens required for Canon 700D

    Hello everyone. I own a Canon 700D(thanks to all who recommended it on digit forum). Back again to find a good lens for my camera. I've filled up applicable questions below (: What's your budget? 10K-15K Max Camera Lens type? Required Lens for Canon 700D What will you be shooting with this...
  5. I

    Want to buy printer

    Dear Friends, I want to buy multifunction printer for my home use, which brand is good? I am considering Xerox and Canon. My Budget is around 10000 rs but I want best printer. I am from Lucknow.
  6. U

    Canon lens and accessories

    Hi, I want to sell the following photography items. Items for Sale: Tamron 17-50 AF 1;2.8 IF DI II Lens for Canon DSLR Asking Price: Rs 12000/- Item Location: Pune Item Description: Used functional 10/10, cosmetic 9/10, clean glass Objects included for listed item: front & back cover, hood...
  7. baiju

    [For Sale] Canon Digital IXUS 170 Point & Shoot Camera

    For sale is my 4 months old Canon IXUS 170 Digital Camera. It has 20MP and 12X optical zoom. Product Name : Canon IXUS 170 Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 170 Point & Shoot Camera Rs.6369 Price in India - Buy Canon Digital IXUS 170 Point & Shoot Camera Black Online - Canon ...
  8. P

    Buying Advice for Multi Function Printer for home

    I want to take occasional prints B/W & Colour both. Approx 5 pages per week. In addition want to print photographs etc. I have done some research and finally came down to two of them :Canon PIXMA E560 and HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3545ESo, which Printer would be better between Canon PIXMA E560...
  9. B

    Canon LBP 2900B networking

    Hi Guys, How to connect Canon LBP 2900B printer to print via different computers? Different computers will be using different windows versions. Thanks
  10. rohitshubham

    Suggest a new camera

    hi, I wanted to purchase a new point and shoot camera in the current festive season. The budget hovers around 13-14k(+/- 1K) . After a quick surfing, i have shortlisted Nikon coolpix P530 and Canon sx410. I need a decent all round camera for general purposes. kindly suggest new models if available.
  11. GhorMaanas

    Compact digicam within 8k

    Compact digicam within 10k Hello! a friend of mine needs to buy a P&S digicam for under 8k. i would've preferred to suggest one from lumix series, but can't find one within that range. what am seeing (on flipkart) are: nikon s2800, s3600, s3700, l30 sony w800, w810, w830 canon ixus 155...
  12. soyab0007

    Canon E510 Printer with different catridge - Possible

    I am having canon E510 printer, where I was short of black Ink cartridge Have purchased Canon CLI-8 Blk Ink cartridge from local shop for Rs 610.. Later found that it doesn't support my printer. Whereas my printer support Canon PG-88 local shop person is not taking it back.. Is there any...
  13. S

    Recommendations for a new sub10000 point and shoot camera

    I am not a camera person and has never owned one before.Most of my camera needs have been met by my ipad so far.Now since I have a new baby girl,thinking of buying a new camera.Will be using it mainly to record her and on occasional trips. Budget below 10000,preferably around 8000. Need good...
  14. omega44-xt

    New camera @ 20k

    I want to buy a new camera for my dad, which should be comfortable to handle but should also produce great images. Size shouldn't be as large as DSLRs. Budget <20k Preferred choice of Brand: Sony, Canon, Nikon (no hate aganist others) Panorama mode required, Depth of field(optional)...
  15. T

    Canon 70D or Nikon D7100.?

    please help me to choose between canon 70D and nikon D7100.. getting confuse between these two.
  16. speedyguy

    Help: Suggestion on Canon EOS 1200D against Nikon D3300 and others

    Greetings, It's a comeback post as I return to this forum after a good gap. Nice to be back. I do have few inputs about photography but yet new to DSLR world. Need to buy a budget DSLR. I am a canon fan with point and shoots for their lens and manual options even in my Powershot A720...
  17. vikash

    A DSLR under 30k

    What's your budget? Upto 17k-32k Camera type? dSLR Body Style? Compact or Bridge (bulky) not quite of an issue How much zoom do you want/expect? No clue, you suggest. Do you care for manual exposure controls? Yes What will you be shooting with this camera? Friends and...
  18. sandynator

    Is Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ25 still worth under 10k

    My canon A70 is almost dead & Panasonic Lumix LZ8 has some focusing issues so I'm in search of camera around Rs.10000/-. Purpose: small family functions, short outdoor trip indoor [low light]. Basic videos shoots will do. Occasionally taking snaps of small 3 yrs old kid, Should be...
  19. S

    camera for 15k

    Actually i wanted a DSLR. But since budget is a constraint and since this will be my first camera i decided for a p&s. I have some experience with different dslr cameras (mainly canon 1100d, 550d and the nikon 5100) from my friends and would like to have manual controls so that i can learn and...
  20. S

    Canon 600d vs nikon d5200/d3300

    Which one to choose?Canon 600d or Nikon d5200/d3300? I am planning to get my new DSLR camera.I have zeroed in on three models which is canon 600d and the nikon d5200 & d3300 since my budget is 35k.I am a casual photographer and I would also like to make some short films too with the camera.I am...
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