1. ajai5777

    worst experience from canon!!

    I bought a canon pixma mp145 today when i tried to install the catridges i found those cannot be fixed.i followed the figures in manual and finally found that THERE ARE NO CATRIDGE HOLDERS IN THE PRINTER!!! in that position only a steel rod is found.There is no electronic part to join with...
  2. S

    digicam under 8000

    which is the best digicam available in the market in the range of 5000-8000 which is better a sony or a canon digicam
  3. M

    anybody know abt printer cartridges?

    I am looking forward to refill my printer cartridge (canon cl-830 and cl-831) if any body has got it done in bangalore through any shops and is satisfied with it pls let me know the address of the shop and also the price u paid for it. preferably in south bangalore Also how do u stop the...
  4. M

    Digital Camera

    Hi I am looking for a Digital Camera, but little bit confuse with the 3 companies - SONY, NIKON & CANON. If someone sort my issue that would be great. Thanks
  5. vaibhav_jain

    Need Digital Camera

    :-Phey guys provide me the reviews of digital camera my budget is Rs.15K. I Find Canon SX110IS, Canon SX100IS, Sony DSC H-10 interesting. Which of these is better?:rolleyes:
  6. A

    Good News for Canon Digital Camera Users !!!

    For a long time there has been a gr8 hack for Canon Digital Cameras Known as CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit) which enables Point and shoot cameras such as A530 to do exceptional things. i.e shooting in RAW, to run scripts to automate process . Motion Detection and many other stuff. that to...
  7. N

    Digicam Recommendation?

    I want to buy a digicam as per the following requirements: 1. MegaPixels is not an issue. 7 MP is just fine. 2. Optical Zoom : Atleast 3x. Preferably 4x but 3x is ok. 3. Should be sleek & pocketable (Very Very Important) 4. Should have Li-on battery. No AA batteries. (If AA batteries are...
  8. D

    Nikon D300,D3,D90/Canon 40D,450D,400D

    AVAILABLE IN STORE FOR SALE FOR NOW BRAND NEW DIGITAL CAMERA IT AN XMAS KICK OFF SALES. FREE SHIPPING TO ANY PART OF THE WORLD VIA FedEx. Buy 3units and get 1unit for free no free unit for 1 and 2units. email : Brand New...
  9. T

    buy a new mid range D SLR Camera!!!!

    hey guys,,needed help in buyin a new d slr camera.. a mid range 1... usage, personal amateur photography......(but like 2 take a lot of photos....b it nature or object) requirement:- 6 MP + NOKON OR CANON MAX BUDGET:- 35000rs. needed help in deciding....which 1 2...
  10. Cool G5

    Canon SX100 IS - Mega Review

    The Canon SX 100 IS is a mid end camera, as per Canon. To start with Canon SX 100 IS comes with an 8MP Sensor, 10 X Optical Zoom coupled with the latest & the fastest image processor from Canon, the DIGIC III. More detailed specifications of the camera can be found here Package Contents...
  11. go4saket

    Which DSLR from Canon/Nikon should I buy?

    Hi guys! I am an absolute starter in the field of Photography. Infact I am not a photographer but like photography as a hobby, not profession. At present I have a Sony P200 P&S camera and am planning to buy a DSLR either from Canon or Nikon with a budget of Rs.20000 to Rs.30000. I prefer a...
  12. G

    want to buy a digi cam

    hi all, my uncle wants to buy a digicam, (budget around 10k). brands can b canon, sony or nikon. pl help me out.
  13. D

    dvd playing in canon camcorder but pc shows 0 byte used and free

    I have Canon DC210 and i had shoots some movie in Maxell DVD-R Double Sided. But whenever i am insert DVD in my DVD RW, it shows 0 byte free and 0 byte total size. My camcorder play this dvd very well with audio. Please tell me whats wrong with my Camcorder or DVD-R.:confused: Waiting for reply...
  14. skippednote

    Canon S3IS+Uniross quick charger+Sony 2500 mAH batteries+2 gb memory card+carry bag

    Canon S3IS + Uniross quick charger+ 4 Sony 2500 mAH batteries + Kingston 2 gb memory card + carry bag+ data cable + t v out cable + memory card reader, all hardly used few times , excellent condition and with bill and box. As good as new . All items for 14k
  15. rajeshgovindan2005

    Need help buying an MFD !

    Bugdet>>>>10K What about Brother MFC-685CW , HP Photosmart C5288 ,Canon Pixma MX700...?:confused::confused:
  16. lywyre

    Please suggest me a Printer for my Cafe

    Hi guyz. Have sold my old LaserJet 1020 today and gonna buy a new Laser printer tomorrow. Budget is 12k max. Not much models available in the hp site and I don't have idea about Canon or Xerox or other printers. I know the time is short, but please suggest me a A4 laser printer (hp preferred)...
  17. Indyan

    DigiCam - Budget= 10k

    I am looking to buy a digicam in the 10k range. Digit gave best performance award to A470 in this range. But they didnt review anything from the Cybershot series. So I was wondering if there is any cybershot model that would do better in this range? Also what is the current cost of SONY...
  18. M

    Digital camera - Canon A540 5MP

    Hi, I want to sell my one year old canon digicam. Great results, no issues at all, just want to upgrade to a digital SLR. Will consider sale at Rs. 6000/- or suggest an appropriate barter with psp, ipod classic, cell phone. etc. thankyoujeeves at the rate rediffmail dot com.
  19. chitvan

    can i take IR photos using my canon Powershot A570 IS?

    how to take IR images? can i take IR photos using my canon Powershot A570 IS? see remote test here....
  20. Cool G5

    Digital Camera @ Rs.14K (Very Urgent)

    Guys, I am in a hurry. Want a good digicam @ around Rs.14k. Which is the best among the following 3 ? Canon A590 IS Fuji Finepix S5800 Nikon Coolpix L16 Don't suggest canon a720 IS, SX100 IS as they are not available here in singapore. Be quick guys, I can wait only for an hour. I have to...
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