1. N

    Guidance required to buy new camera

    Hey guys! A lot of question coming your way! :wink: To start off, I want to buy a superzoom camera that is also capable of shooting Full HD Videos. My budget is 25k. I shortlisted a number of cameras. Now I need your help to pin point one. My shortlist includes - Canon SX40 HS, Panasonic...
  2. U

    Suggest a Digital Camera with good Audio and Video quality in range of 15k to 22k

    Hello, need a suggestion regarding a purchase of Digi Cam for Office Usage. I need to take pictures of conferences and Video recording of High Quality to be uploaded on website as tutorials, Camera should be portable and easy to carry with a better battery life. I could invest between 15,000...
  3. audiophilic

    Canon 550d and best lens to shoot in low light

    Hey guys, Just had a question. I recently bought my Canon 550D and was wondering which lens will be most suitable to shoot in low light? I have a budget of around 20-30k I mostly like shooting landscapes and sometimes macro. Please help!
  4. Rockstar11

    Canon launches "50x optical zoom" PowerShot SX50 HS camera

    And the zoom race continues. After Nikon's 42x zoom P510 arrived earlier this year and the announcement of Olympus' 40x zoom Stylus 820UZ iHS in August, I thought maybe we'd reached a limit. Canon's PowerShot SX50 HS blows right by, though, with a 50x 24-1,200mm lens. Its predecessor...
  5. C

    Canon 550D is good for begineers ?

    Hi , i planned to buy Canon 550D, Kindly tell me what are the technical specification there in that. i want to know whether its good for a begineer are need to change to some other models kindly suggest me thank you very much Regards ChinaVasion
  6. audiophilic

    I'm new to videography - How did you reduce noise with your Canon 550d?

    Hey guys, I've just bought a new canon 550D and have been playing around with it. I didn't specifically buy it for photography. I'm into videography and i thought it would be a great start. The only issue i'm facing is the noise, which happens during night. DUring day, noise is not ther -...
  7. T

    Good and Noob proof Point and Shoot Camera underr 15k

    Hi First of all thanks I would like to thank Thinkdigit forum for your suggestions on Laptop and I'm really happy with my purchase Now I'm planning to buy a digital camera. I'm not that interested in Photography. I just want a camera which will click good snaps on powering on the camera. I...
  8. aroraanant

    A good point and shoot camera(budget not an issue)

    I have to buy a good point shoot camera for my friend, budget is not a issue,say it should be around 20k but the thing is he don't want a Panasonic cam, he wish to buy a canon, nikon or sony cam only. I have shortlisted a few like Sony HX20V and Canon SX240/260. Apart from GPS there is no...
  9. 5fusion

    need cheapest compact with Hdmi port & HD video!!

    Hey every1, need help to get a basic compact digicam. sole requirements are Hdmi port & HD videos. want it to b as cheap as possible as budget was arnd 6k & i stretchd a little to fit in these two features and shortlisted d following: >>Canon Ixus 115HS - 8.3k Canon IXUS 115 HS Point &...
  10. Xai

    Camera @ 7-10K Range

    Hi, I am a newbie to photography, and looking to buy my first digital camera. My previous camera was a Kodak KB10 - used 12 years ago! My budget is between 7-10K. Preferably, not to exceed 10K. Sweet spot would be 7-8K, but if it is justified, I can go up to 9-10K. I checked Canon...
  11. A

    Sony H90 vs. Canon IXUS 230 HS - which one do i pick?

    Hi I am an amateur photographer and used to own a basic digital camera till sometime back. I want to buy a sophisticated camera. I have a range of 13k -14k max. I primarily engage in outdoor photography so looking for high zoom cameras with 10+ mega pixel. After doing some basic web searches...
  12. Alien

    [Review] Canon Pixma E500 Inkjet MFD Print/Scan/Copy

    Canon Pixma Ink Efficient E500 - [Short term review] Price: Rs. 5750/- Flipkart Product Page Canon India Official Product Page and Specifications This is my first printer, so can't compare with any other product. Build Quality: It is pretty average to be honest and the plastics feel...
  13. A

    Canon camera between price range of Rs 5000 to Rs 6000

    Pls suggest outstanding canon camera between price range of Rs 5000 to Rs 6000.
  14. A

    Canon camera between price range of Rs 5000 to Rs 6000

    Pls suggest outstanding canon camera between price range of Rs 5000 to Rs 6000.
  15. S

    Nikon D5100 vs Canon EOS 550D Which is Better????

    Hey Everyone, nice to meet u all... I am About to buy a new DSLR camera and i have chosen Nikon D5100 and Canon EOS 550D. In these two which is better??.. I have checked the spec sheets and they r almost the same with some slight difference and the price range is almost same too... but now...
  16. marvelousprashant

    DEAL : Canon 550D with 18-55mm lens and Warranty for INR 28000

    Not that I am buying. But for anyone who is interested. LINK Canon EOS 550D Digital Camera with 18-55mm lens 2 Years Canon India Warranty | eBay Seller reputation is pretty good too
  17. C

    canon sx260HS or sony HX20

    As reviewed in DIGIT'S june edition, canon 260HS is better than sony HX20 and among others.I had finalised it.But the thing worryin' me is it's low megapixel count...12.1 while sony's hx20 has which should i buy...?
  18. kool

    Canon SX-150 at Rs.8250 w/o battery, is this good deal? whats battery cost??

    I asked this question in another thread but nobody is responding me. In march month i inquired about best camera within Rs.10k and everybody said Canon SX-150 but that time it was costing me Rs.9650 but now i'm getting on 3 different sites at this price: sulekha: Rs.8450 with 4GB card+ case...
  19. K

    Canon SX150IS help

    Hi everyone just got a new canon SX150IS and am very keen to explore it I have a few queries please help me 1-It houses AA alkaline batteries which get discharged at just around 90-100 shots so I wanted to know whether closing and opening the lens multiple times hogs a lot of battery and also...
  20. khmadhu

    canon 550D buy from ebay or flipkart..?

    hi Digitians.. I am planning to buy Canon 550D got confused on the price of Canon 550D canon official site price is 40k EOS 550D Kit (EF S18-55IS) - Canon India - Personal flipkart price - Rs. 38795 Canon EOS 550D SLR: SLR: Camera Review, Price in India, Compare: ebay...
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