1. M

    Software or Core...........

    I am a Electronics and Engineering 4th year student.TCS is the only company that come for campus recruitment and i was rejected in the Interview round. :-( Now it seems that off campus placement is the only opportunity for me. I dont know where to concentrate. Should i go for EIE core companies...
  2. S

    career guidance

    i m from bangalore.. ve done BCA.. . planning to join MCA next year.. i want to know .. the eligibilities to be placed in campus ,,,... please help me
  3. A

    Symbiosis vs SRM(Modinagar) for

    Hi I am getting admission in Symbiosis Pune in as well as SRM (Modinagar Campus and not the main Chennai campus). Which college will be better?? Does any one have an idea about how the Modinagar campus is?
  4. M

    Infosys or Atos Origin

    Hello, I got selected for infy from campus and also for Atos Origin through the off campus recruitment of AO. Help me select one of these. I understand that infy will provide me a better platform but with AO I have some hope of working in my city...
  5. P

    Manipal university

    Hey there people I seem to have taken an interest in manipal university and feel joining it would be a good option..Anyway before i proceed any further , i'd like to gather feedback from all u people out there on the university. I'm not looking to know anything about the academics part..I just...
  6. S

    best certification to get hired

    hello I am 3rd year cse student i am looking to do some certification this summer but i am not so sure about them i know certifications add value to your resume but will they increase my chances in campus placements in s/w companies like infosys, wipro, tcs etc. is it worth the effort...

    help:create a forum

    i want to create a free website with forum. i searched in google and get some results but i cant understand it well. i've learned html,javascript and php and also i installed phpBB in our campus network. only problem is that i dont know anything about webdomain webhost etc. also pls tellme...
  8. power_8383

    WiFi Internet Access In College Campus

    Hi guys. My college provides free WiFi internet access, but I dont know anything about how to use a WiFi. I'm completely an illiterate person when it comes to WiFi. *Please tell me how to use wifi service provided in college campus. *The precautions to be taken to avoid hackers/data...
  9. devilinearth

    Ghost in Technopark? A Real life experience

    Kerala-Karyavattom Campus, Trivandrum -Hymavathi Bhavan, near Hymavathi pond. This is an experience of a Technopark employee who passed through the Technopark back gate road ( University campus road). She explained her strange experience; this is...
  10. red_devil

    What should I do ??

    Hey guys i have completed my BE and have got placed in wipro in campus placements.. but the company hasn't given the joining date yet and its likely that the joining date may be delayed to as late as january 2009:mad: i am now sitting idle at home... so please suggest me what i should do...
  11. eggman

    Infosys Campus Connect!!!How good is it?

    To start with, I am in 2nd year BE program in Bangalore. Since my parents don't live here, its after only 6 months I get to see them. A few days back, some guy came to our full-of-sh!t college and offered us Campus Connect Program , offered by Infosys. They promised to give some crap sh!t...
  12. M

    Microsoft plans Xbox campus ... with a bar?

    Microsoft plans to create a big new campus in Redmond for its Entertainment and Devices Division, including its Xbox business, and if one aspect of the building design accurately reflects the company's intentions, it will include a rather unusual employee amenity: a bar. Click for larger...
  13. a_k_s_h_a_y

    about your college !

    guys post anything or everything about campus here....share abt your college and campus life ! ok i start off Pesit >> People educantio society institute of tech ! is my college campus is about 18 acres its green and really cool......there is nesface in campus but the water they use sucks...and...
  14. G

    group discussion (URGENT)

    hi frenz... any1 knows where can i find contents for various topics on gd .. as im in my final yr n going through campus selection ,so pls tell any area to see for it ... thanx in advance .
  15. dreamcatcher


    well i have my admissions in a colege tomorrow....i was just thinking...wat ae the procedure fr campus placements..i mean..wat bout those microsofts and the they hav only on campus recruitments...wat r the procedures of off campus interviews...well i m still 4 years away;..but it...
  16. Edburg

    Tommorrow have campus interview

    Guys i tomorrow have campus interview and CTS is coming to my college. I am a bit nervous as this is my first interview i am facing.Any help would be nice.
  17. A

    Google Campus Pics ?

    Can anyone pls give me the link for HQ Google Campus pics... I tired but not getting good quality pics.. THX.. waiting for your replies guys !!
  18. 24online

    Gunman kills at least 21 at Virginia Tech

    Gunman kills at least 21 at Virginia Tech A lone gunman killed at least 21 people before he was killed during twin shootings on the Virginia Tech campus, the deadliest school attacks in United States history, CNN reports. "Some victims were shot in a classroom," it said, quoting the University...
  19. nithinks

    Preparing for Campus interviews

    hello members... Can anyone tell me the right way of preperation for the campus interviews i need to know is there any online books (free) available for that? i want puzzles by SHAKUNTHALA DEVI in specific.. and some general aptitude reference books...
  20. R

    Can i still use ftp and p2p?

    In our insti Our servers have not blocked anything.The servers use local ip addresses and do not do nat. this means that it is not possible for anyone outside the insti to connect to arbitrary to computers inside like mine. only designated 'server' machines on campus are visible to the...
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