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hello I am 3rd year cse student
i am looking to do some certification this summer but i am not so sure about them
i know certifications add value to your resume but will they increase my chances in campus placements in s/w companies like infosys, wipro, tcs etc.
is it worth the effort and money
also which is the best certification that is in demand in the industry in the current scenario
which certification will help me getting a job if i dont get placed on campus


Companies when they come for Campus Recruitment, look not for certifications but at the basic and clarity of conceptual knowledge a student has. Questions are mainly asked from C, C++(OOPS concepts) some Data Structures stuff and something from your branch's core subject.
I strongly believe that going for Certifications while aiming them for Campus interview is only inviting trouble because they would then ask some tough questions and moreover even if u get placed, they won't put u straightaway in the field of ur expertise. U will feel as if all your efforts have been futile.
This holds for Consultancy and Application based firms. If u r planning to apply in a core company like Microsoft,Cisco or Sun then their relative certifications will be a plus.
As always, these are just my 2 cents and the thread is always open to more discussion. :)


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If u do oracle then u oracle certs. . Etc. . . .i personaly sugest u b skiled in c,c++ and basic concepts 4 campus selection. . .


I got selected in TCS during my final year B.Sc CS. I don't have even a single certification. The questions for me were:-

1.Write a sorting program in C.
2.Is it possible to create your own header files in C?.
3.Write the truth table for EX-OR gate.
4.What is the command in unix for listing all files in a directory?
5.Explain how the computer manages memory.
6.What is round robin?
7.What is a dead lock?
8.What is encapsulation in C++?
9.What are constructors & destructors in C++?

I answered all questions except 5th. :-D So as plasma_snake has already said they mostly look for the basic & clarity of knowledge the candidate has. Thanx
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