Preparing for Campus interviews

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hello members...
Can anyone tell me the right way of preperation for the campus interviews
i need to know is there any online books (free) available for that? i want puzzles by SHAKUNTHALA DEVI in specific.. and some general aptitude reference books.


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Hi every body , even I am preparing for campus interviews. I am a student of B.Tech (I.T.) final year. Our college is new and hence no company visits our college , thus I have to move to other colleges for campus placements. Students here are not much aware of how to go for the preparation. Please guide me in detail . I will be really thankful to you.
Also I wanna say that there must many engineering students on this forum who need guidance for campus placements , please make this thread a sticky for all the queries regarding campus placements.


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1)Soft skills

2)Logical thinking(Arithmetic logic)

3)A little techie

is enough to crack capus interview

ofcoz depends on coll also


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few books to lookout for:
1) R S Aggrawal (Aptitude and Objective English)
2) TMH Quantitative Aptitude book(Guha)

And remember there are always some brainstorming puzzles asked at interviews.
T159 said:
1) R S Aggrawal (Aptitude and Objective English)
Just to add to it...
2) Puzzles by Shakuntala Devi

Visit for aptitude test papers.

Try solving as many papers as you can by referring to specific companies placement papers.I hope i am not confusing you.

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