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  1. M

    Mother Board criteria

    HI, Can ny1 tell me hows a motherboard must be selected? I mean like CPUs have clock speed and L2 cache....What is it for a motherboard?
  2. ax3

    Site icons in FF ! ! !

    even though i erase or cleanup my ff cache ... how come, icons remain in Bookmark ??? plz explain ! ! !
  3. M

    cache memory

    can anybody help me whats the cache memory? how many type r there?(i know only L1 n L2) why L2 cache is always more than L1?
  4. The Incredible

    L1 L2 L3

    Do anyone know what's L1, L2 & L3 cache?
  5. V

    how does athlon64 fx outperfrom p4 ee with less cache

    well, this is a question i've been pondering over for quite some time how does the new athlon 64 fx-55 outperform the P4 EE in so many aspects. i mean, the P4 EE has 2 MB L2 cache while the athlon64 has only 1 MB L2 cache. both are 64-bit. the p4 is faster even in fsb speeds (having an...
  6. Satissh S


    Help me to :wink: safely overclock my cpu. My specs are P4ht (3ghz, 800mhz Fsb,1mb l2 cache), 1gb ram(512 x 2), intel 865 mobo, GeForce FX 5200 128Mb
  7. A

    Maxtor 80gb for 2500

    I called maxtor ccenter ,they offered me a 80gb 7200rpm 2mb cache hd for 2500. Should i take it,no stability/service problem?
  8. rachitboom2

    Some information Pls. about AMD's(939) 2800, 3000 and 3200!!

    Can anyone Pls. give me the the following information about AMD's 939 socket 2800+, 3000+ and 3200+ => 1. L1 Cache 2. L2 Cache 3. Instruction Sets 4. Clock Speed 5. FSB 6. Price 7. Which one has the max. price to performance ratio ??? Thank You for reading !!! Pls. Reply !!!
  9. mario_pant

    Where do i get the latest drivers!???

    hey i have an abit motherboard which was in my compaq presario bought in 2002..... the details are attached PLEASE TELL ME WHERE TO GET THE LATEST DRIVERS??? and will the update do any effect??? and to tell u... i cudn't find my motherboard version in http://abit-usa.com/ download center..... i...
  10. Q

    Intel Brings 64-bit Processing to the Pentium 4

    Well Intel has also finally got its 64Bit Processors now for the Desktop Platform Read Complete Article here @ Extremetech.com http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558,1767082,00.asp Taken from the Article Post your view on this
  11. mohanty1942

    What is L3 cache?

    I know about L1 & L2 cache. Some newer Intel CPUs feature L3 cache. What is this L3 ?
  12. I

    Help for Firefox Needed!!!

    I have recently started using mozilla firefox, and it works nicely...the only thing is..it does not store files in its cache ( i mean..firefox's temporary internet files folder) in an easily accessible manner. It stores each file without its extension, so you dont know what kind of file it is...
  13. C

    AMD questions......

    hey people... I want to buy an AMD processor that can go in with the K8V - X Motherboard.... Can anyone tell me a good AMD processor to fit in with the K8V - X mobo. ?? My budget is about Rs. 6k. (Please include specifications like L2 cache etc.) I am looking for something on or above...
  14. A

    Want to buy a new amd 64 rig,urgent!

    Hi I have a radeon 9800pro 128mb ati orignal. I live in delhi. I want to buy a amd 3200 64 clawhammer(1mb cache) gigabyte nforce 3 250gb 512mb*2 ddr 400 transcend ram I want to know what will the cost of such a system and should i go for it,it's pros and cons. These three...
  15. G

    nVidia nforce4 Ulltra or Intel 925X-64

    accoring to rumors nVidia nForce4 Ultra designed for Amd Athlon 64 FX -55 is going to be lauinched next year in feb or march and Intel not behind will launch its 64-bit processor with x86-64 extension ie Intel Pentium 4 64-bit EE 3.6 Ghz next year in feb or march. Is the clash going to be...
  16. H

    Facts about Google!

    Surprising how many people use Google as their homepage for quickloading. Check this out.... 1. Google's immortal cookie: Google was the first search engine to use a cookie that expires in 2038. This was at a time when federal websites were prohibited from using persistent cookies...
  17. A

    How to find the L2 cache size of my PC

    Guys,tell me how to find the L2 cache size of my Pc.I think mine is a 1MB prescoot system.What is the maximum size presently
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