HDMI cables and USB OTG cables


Please suggest me a good HDMI cable to connect my set-top-box and PS3 to my TV. I've heard that AmazonBasics HDMI cables are good but they are expensive.

Also please suggest a good USB OTG cable that can be used on Samsung, Sony, Lenovo and Redmi phones or tablets.



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For HDMI Bluerigger also have some good reputation and amazon basics as well. So you can buy either of them, whatever fits your budget. Don't go for el chepo HDMI cables as they tend to give problems sometimes.

As for OTG cables, its kind of hit and miss because most of the brands are el chepo and the premium are quite expensive at big margin like Amazon Basics and Apple. So I suggest to buy any USB OTG with good rep and see if it serves you well for some time.
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