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Hi EveryOne,

I want to connect tata sky SD with my CRT-monitor .I am having --
1. Compaq Monitor
2. Tata Sky SetTop Box
3.TV Tuner of brand : UMAX TV5-3280
4. Cables : (a) MMI AVI Input (b) LINE OUT (c) Adapter (d) VGA cable : used for connecting TV tuner to CPU (not useful as I dont have CPU :))
Apart from this I dont have any cables .

Please refer the TV tuner's-snaps displaying ports / sockets along with the cable provided .

Please tell me how to connect it to Tata sky settop box using the available cables.
I am really trying hard to make it connected but in vain:pullhair:. So Please guys help me out .....plssssssssss :banghead:


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one of the video output from settop box will go into the video input of tv tuner box & one of the video output from tv tuner will go into crt monitor.vga port can be used as video output from tv tuner so check your settop box video outputs & matching video inputs on tv tuner.if there is no matching then you are out of luck.
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