1. T

    [For Sale] C2D E7200 + Geforce 9600GT + GSkill DDR2-800 + Linksys WiFi router + D-Link ADSL Modem

    Following up for sale. Quoted fair prices, so negotiation is the last resort. My apologies for the blurry cam, rest assured all of it as real. Common: Purchase Date: Circa July 2008 Remaining Warranty period: None Invoice Available: No Shipping from: Mumbai Shipping to: All over India...
  2. Rajat Giri

    Small Upgrades to Old Rig

    I want to Upgrade this rig to play games at medium settings:wink: Budget-Maximum 28,000 Rig- Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 2 GB Transcend RAM Gigabyte GA-G31M-E2SL Want to add GPU and Want to change Processor Also Suggest a PSU according to need.... i think Corsair CX430V2 will Suffice...
  3. deepak_ds

    Want a small upgrade

    I want a mobo with LGA 775 socket and DDR3 ram. Cpu should be of min 2.6Ghz and C2D. Try to limit the budget within 9k including RAM (4GB).
  4. deepak_ds

    Power requirement

    I have bought a GTS 450 1GB DDR5 gfx card. I haven't attached the card to my system. what would be the rating of PSU that I need to fix? I have a 450W PSU supplying power to my rig now. And I have a C2D 2.0Ghz processor and a 2GB DDR2 ram which I might upgrade in the very near future. I would...
  5. A

    c2d E4400 + GA-945GZM-S2 Overclocked

    2.66 GHz
  6. Anish

    Error message when booting windows

    Hello friends, My pc while booting displays Invalid boot.ini file Booting from c:\windows\ and it boots normally after this message. Anyways, i want to get rid of this message. PC details: Processor: Intel C2D OS: Windows xp professional Thanks
  7. A

    cpu compatable with asus p5ql-cm motherboard

    Hi Which is the best cpu i can opt for this motherboard. Currently am running intel c2d 2.66 on it.
  8. Skyh3ck

    Best Mobo for Intel C2D + DDR2 800 Mhz

    Hi I need a good quality mobo for which should support Intel C2D E6750 and DDR 2 800 Mhz....... With onboard LAN, Sound, Video support.... Also what PSU will b good for this config for home use only..
  9. M

    Cpu best on e5800 or c2d 7500

    Hi guys i had been trying to find a better bang for performance and shocked to see that dual core outperformes c2d 7500 in cpu benchmark by 200 points And cost vise its half the price almost when compared to C2D. So can i go with E5800 CPU. Let me know currently i own pentium d 820 with 2.8...
  10. MegaMind

    Any Lga 775 mobo.

    Hi guys, my friend is in need of any LGA 775 mobo that supports C2D E8400 cpu. Expected price : 1.5K
  11. A

    Amd processor+mobo price or intel dual core e5400 or c2d e7500 price

  12. P

    Motherboard which supports C2D and DDR3 RAM

    HI GUYS, I am going in for a new desktop pc and so wanted to know if there is a motherboard available which supports both DDR3 RAM and C2D. It should not be an enthusiast one and under a range of 8,000. THANKS IN ADVANCE ----------------------------------------------...
  13. kanhadey

    Laptop under 31K! Is AMD any Gud?

    I previously owned an HCL P2840 LEAPTOP having a 2.0 PDC Processor, n 2Gb ram with UNICROME Graphics(It wasn't pleased me at all specially even in least gamings). Now i hv sold it thinking that now i cud get a C2D Under d same price tag. So i hv 31k, to buy a new laptop. I m thinking of Dell...
  14. rahulbalmuri

    Diff. B/W Core i3 & Core 2 Quad & C2D

    guys i wud like to know d diff b/w core i3 v/s c2q v/s c2d.... which is the best for gaming/Business/Entertainment....etc., i mean which is best one.....for all round performance....!
  15. D

    HCL vs dell

    which one is worth buying hcl laptop 3861 C2D 2.2Ghz, 4 Gb ddr2 , nvidia geforce 8200 512mb(shared),500 gb HDD, 15" screen Rs 34000 VS dell 1440 C2D 2.1 Ghz,3 GB ddr2 RAm, Ati RAdeon 4330 512 dedicated, 320 GB HDD,14.1" screen RS39000 why most people prefer dell laptops over hcl?
  16. ayushman9

    Suggest PSU Under Rs 1k

    Please suggest me PSU within 1k upto 1.2k,with at least 6 month WARRANTY .Dealers here are offering me Zebronics or Intex psu for Rs 450. My previous 2 PSU's have burnout due to voltage fluctuation . Peripheral that i will use are c2d e4400, HD Raedon 4670 etc . The input is through UPS of...
  17. Cool G5

    Upgrade Woes

    My current PC (P4 2.0GHZ,768MB RAM & Zebronics 7300GT 512MB AGP GFX Card) is showing up its age now. Programs run slower while encoding requires me to wait for a huge time. HD videos skip on frames while Carbide.UI runs sluggish. I'm currently in the process of saving funds & hope to get a new...
  18. asingh

    Laptop Decision

    Hi, My friend wants to buy a laptop, and the budget is maximum 35K, can go upto 37K (this would include VAT/Shipping/Accessories) Requirements: 1. Non Gaming. 2. Non programming. 3. Original OS. 4. Good looks. I narrowed down to the two: 1. DELL Inspiron 15" (S540503IN8 ) - ~RS. 36,900...
  19. rahulbalmuri

    which i the best 3rd party dealer? & INTEL roumours...???

    which is the best third party dealer in manufacturing of graphic cards?? 1.PALIT:smile: 2.XFX;-) 3.EVGA:lol: 4.ASUS:-P 5.GiGABYTE:idea: 6.Visiontek:shock: 7.Diamond:-( 8.Sapphire:!: 9.HIS:?: 10.Power Color:x and one more question........ i've been hearing that INTEL is doing fake manufacturing...
  20. S

    URGENT!!! OEM Motherboard suggestion required

    Hi all, can anyone explain the differences between OEM & Box Packed motherboard? My brother decided to purchase Intel DG31PR (OEM) + C2D 2.8 @ 8550/-+VAT. Is it a good deal?
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