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Facing Booting problem in Laptop - Need help


Broken In
My 2 years old Laptop developed problem. When I press Power button on, normal display comes the screen shows it is booting, asks to select the 'widows' or 'Linux'. Then after selecting the OS, after sometime the screen, fan, power button every thing goes off with small sound ('Click') and the laptop fails to boot.

I am unable to find the reason for this unusual behavior. Whether the mother board developes any damage?

Please help.


1. battery/power problem
2. hardware problem
3. RAm problem.

try changing the ram, or even just swaping around the ram sticks (My laptop had 2 ram sticks, on of which was faulty, I did some testing, removed faulty one and its now running fine).

thats the easiest and cheapest to do.


Go to a technician. Else open the laptop and clean the fan and replace thermal paste paste. Remove the 1 RAM if you have 2 RAMs, else change the RAM slot. See what happens and reply the result. Hope it works.
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