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  1. H

    Another Vista Woe!

    Hi all I have been using a particular software on my desktop XP without any problem. On my laptop which has Vista, on the same program: Clicking on the HELP button returns a mesage "MS Html Help" is not installed on this pc. Can you comment on this and help me solve this issue. Thanks
  2. P

    How to Convert Video to iPhone

    1.Run Lenogo Video to iPhone Converter 2. Press the button "Add File" to import the video you want to convert. You can choose the "Advanced mode for more video formats. After you select the video which you hope to convet, press "Open"; 3. This picture displays what movie Lenogo Video...
  3. P

    How to Rip DVD to Video?

    This guide describes in detail how to use Coolsoft DVD Ripper to convert your DVD to Video formats and import them to your devices. Step 1. Download and Install Coolsoft DVD Ripper Download here: http://www.iphone-converter-soft.com/dvdripper/coolsoft-dvd-ripper-standard.htm Double-click the...
  4. hailgautam

    Wireless Key Board Problem

    I had some days ago pressed the Connect Button on the back side of Microsoft 700 Wireless Keyboard. Now the keyboard is not at all responding. The mouse is however working even after i had pressed the connect button on its back. Please help how do I make the KB work.
  5. anandk

    New Button Builder To create WLM Contact Buttons.

    You can create a handy button for your Windows Live Messenger contacts, so your friends can easily add you, to their contact list. Button Builder. Use the Button Builder to create a button that suits your personal taste and then add the button to your Windows Live Hotmail, Outlook and other...
  6. anand1

    Cabinet Power Button not working PLZ Help

    My cabinet power Button is not working. When i start my PC it autonatically starts up without having to press the Power Button. And during ShutDown also the Power Light do not goes off and i have to manually switch off the UPS. After having such problem i opened my cabinet and tried to manually...
  7. D

    generic host prblm...

    Hello; I keep finding this window on my computer whnever i m using wi-fi internet on my laptop. MICROSFT WINDOWS Host process for windows services stopped working and was closed a problem caused the application to stop working correctly Windows will notify you if a solution is availible...
  8. S

    PS2 screwed up.

    Hi, I own a slim PS2(SCPH-70006), I opened it up and when I fixed it back the "Reset Button" broke (The wire from it cut and even the main Button broke off) ***Please check this out(This is the reset circuit which I screwed):-*** http://i11.ebayimg.com/02/i/000/bd/37/d2f0_1.JPG...
  9. phreak0ut

    Middle mouse button to scroll in browsers

    How to use the middle mouse button to scroll in Opera and Firefox browsers when you click it? Generally, when I click the middle button, I get a new page. The trick mentioned here sure makes the browser to stop loading pages, but I am not able to use it to scroll like I do in Windows.
  10. gxsaurav

    [ Concept UI ] Windows Diary

    I was thinking today, what happened to the good old diary we used to keep in real life? Where did it go, has it vanished somewhere? It seems that it really has vanished, or maybe the form is changed. We now spend so much time on computers, why not have a diary which we can password protect...
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