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  1. R

    M.B Broken Component

    [Solved]M.B Broken Component Sry 4 confusing title , i dont know the Exact Name of the part MotherbOad Link : Foxconn - Products: Motherboard Socket : Socket 754 for AMD Athlon™ 64 / Sempron™ processors Q 1)Is it possible to get Replacement Item (marked in Picture)- Due to it broken...
  2. V

    [Complaint] Feels like Cheated, want complete replacement of ACER laptop...

    I bought Acer 4820TG laptop around 6 months ago. Since then only I was facing problem with it. Earlier fan module was not working properly and it used to get shut down after over-heating. I called CC and technician visited me in soon. When he opened my laptop I found that the blade of the fan...
  3. Zinc Vision

    Any problems with any desktop brands?

    Hi guys. I want to know all your opinions on desktop brands such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, etc I've heard problems with each of them. HP with it's power button Dell with it's broken components (or was this HP?) and it's bad customer service. I want to know your experience and what...
  4. pra85

    Digit Subscription: is it worth it

    I have been reading Digit from July 2005 and have always taken it from stands .then i read that they are giving the 3 yr Subscription for Rs.6000 and also a 320 GB portable HDD . the offer is mouth watering as in 3 yr i have to spend 6000Rs for Digit but they are also giving a HDD and as...
  5. digibrush

    Heatsink broken!!!

    Hi Friends, Recenly I replace my old pc's mobo(intel d101ggc dead:-() with Asus P5KPL-AM/PS. After instaling everything I noticed cpu( p4 2.66 G) temp was very high. 50-55 c in idle. So I clean the heatsink again, also clean cpu's metal surface and apply TP, try to insert HS and...
  6. avichandana20000

    Asus board warranty

    Yesterday i.e. on Sunday I have opened the side panel of my rig to clear the dust. Suddenly I see the clip of HSF fitted to the socket groove is loose. I closely check and find that one of the grooves of the socket to which the HSF clip was fastened is broken. I do not know how. Because last...
  7. vickybat

    Broken power pin in seagate freeagent external drive

    Hi friends My brother's external 250 gb seagate freeagent drive has a broken power pin i.e the adaptor doesn't fit the power supply pin anymore. Since he bought the drive from malaysia we don't have the warranty card. So guys please suggest what to do cause the drive had very important data...
  8. Arun the Gr8

    Any suggestions for my next song??

    Guys, Do you have any suggestions for my 3rd attempt at singing? Something light rock or acoustic will do.. Like Boulevard of Broken Dreams :) Second Song First Song
  9. superczar

    FS - iPhone - 7K - Please read description

    Posting this on behalf of a friend Now while I was looking out for a broken phone, (http://www.techenclave.com/market/wtb-broken-iphone-122833.html) I came across this iphone that belongs to a colleague (4GB).. Apparently his GSM antenna fizzled out which led to a phone that has weak...
  10. N

    Broken LCD... broken heart

    I bought an hp Pavillion dv6730tx laptop 10 months back. A few days back I dropped it accidentally and the LCD is broken. Can it be fixed without getting it replaced?
  11. P

    FS: Asus P5NSLI Mobo

    Price: 3000/- Condition: New Warranty: 2 yrs left Location: Kalyan(Mumbai) Only mumbai buyers product link: http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&l2=11&l3=331&model=1311&modelmenu=1 Reason for selling: intially i had xfx650i ultra mobo which after 1 yr got damaged coz the screw holding...
  12. S

    Managing A 320gb Hdd And 40 Gb Hdd

    i bought a 320gb hdd recently (today:D) .previously i had 40 gb maxtor hdd. can anyone suggest me best use of both the drives .??? i don't want to use 40gb maxtor hdd as an external hdd! i read smwhere that os can be installed it one hdd ,all the other programs and data on the other.by doing so...
  13. R

    where can I find plastic cover of w300i (cover got broken)

    aFTER haveing a lot of problems in my PC ( i changed optical drive , mobo , fans , SMPS , rams ) finally my PC problems are over but my bad luck continues . here is how :: 8:43 AM churchgate station mumbai I was just getting into a borivali fast when my mobile ( w300i sony erricsson...
  14. R

    name some good motherboards for AMD 64 bit processor

    well I am looking for AMD based processor's mobo . I have venice core AMD 64 3000+ with MSI RS482 ILD motherboard , but one chance in a million the mobo is out-of-order its broken . I have to buy a new one . tell me a good motherboard for Rs 3k - 4 k .
  15. M

    how much is for Santro Xing's break light cover(red) ? pls help

    dear, unfortunalely, by taking reverse, my friend, hitt on my Santro Xing's back,left side break light. it got broken. his lancer's left bak light also broken. can anyone one provide me, the price of boths bak light covers? interested to knw the duplicate, original as well. i m n...
  16. sachin_kothari

    Broken Packages after Installing NTFS-3G

    I installed NTFS-3G on my debian-etch system. I needed to install various support files for that (dependency). Now i am able to access my NTFS partitions. Now, when i run synaptic package manager it tells that that there are broken packages and tells to fix them. and if i fix them, it...
  17. C

    broken thumbdrive

    hi, i have a 64 Mb thumbdrive. it contains imp. data, however it got broken from the point where it is inserted in USB port. the connector is completely broken. What can be done to recover data. thanx
  18. N

    Sid Broken?

    I have Downloaded Debian Sid [unstable] Image file [.iso] Last week... I burned it on a cd and tried to install it... But Unfortunate I am not able to install from the cd it does all those detection of Hardware partitioning and all those stuff.. I don't find any Install Packages as in...
  19. C

    Best FTP Client on EARTH

    Hello Friends, When it comes to choose the best I am always confused. Can you please give me the link for the best FTP Client on earth supporting "Automatically Resume broken uploads" I tried Cute FTP 7 Pro but it does not automatically upload the broken transfers. I have to...
  20. S

    Fedora Core 4 link needed

    Hi guys I don't have the best of the best of net connections...... i need to download FC4 distro but the problem is that i connot use download manager... is there some link which may allow me to use download manager (to resume my download) when broken?? thanx
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