1. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Android phone's Power button is gone, how to boot now in Recovery mode

    My Moto G4+ 's Power button just broke off and is lost. I intend to boot the phone into recovery mode for rooting purposes, but it seems impossible as you've to hold the power button + volume buttons to do so. As of now I am able to revive the screen by swiping on the fingerprint reader, but I...
  2. SaiyanGoku

    [Want to Buy] Yu Yureka with broken screen in working condition.

    Hi all, I want to buy a Micromax/Yu Yureka AO5501 in working condition with broken screen. Basically, I need it for the motherboard and camera modules. PM your offers. Thanks, Rajat
  3. A

    LG G2 - Broken screen

    Hello Guys, I have dropped my phone , and it's screen is broken. Does anyone how much it cost? Can I get it replaced locally (not authorised service centre)? Thanks.
  4. B

    [Complaint] Cooler Master Elite 311 Broken Delivered By Snapdeal

    I am a regular client of Snapdeal and bought my products from them but this is the first time when i face some kind of terrible issue. Today i just received the CM Elite 311 Red cabinet, which i bought at Rs2,877/-, i am so excited, that i am making new machine, so i need everything together but...
  5. vedula.k95

    URGENT Need Help HTC Screen Broke

    Hello guys this is some serious trouble here yesterday i was transferring some files from my friends phone and accidently slipped it down the bed :| and now this morning he went to the service center they quoted a price of Rs 5500 situtation of the phone is that the screen has cracked from...
  6. the great one

    Broken display of slate 6

    I bought a brand new HP slate 6 voice tab about 40 days ago in delhi. I hav just broken the display of my tab yesterday.:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-( I want to know what will be cost of repairing it from auth. hp service centres. And also is there a way to claim warranty on broken display.. Thnks
  7. lakeport

    Is Gujarat really as developed as NaMo and the BJP claim?

    I live in UP, which is an extremely poor and backward place. However i am really curious about Gujarat, ever since i've heard of the claims made by Narendra Modi and the BJP. So tell me people from Gujarat or people who've been there, what is Gujarat like? Are there broken roads there? Do you...
  8. kartikoli

    [Complaint] Struggling with Digicare (MSI) same old story of bad experience continues

    3-sep-13 submitted GTX580 for RMA as it was crashing while playing High graphics games specially Battlefield 3. After submission they said i will get the replacement in 25days (are you kidding me) as they will send it to Bangalore got the call in the evening that gpu fan is broken and if i have...
  9. M

    Input Jack blocked

    i am having gigabyte b75m d3h mobo. i inserted a jack in input jack at back of the board and that jack got broken inside the jack and now i am not able to connect other pin in it. any solutions?
  10. F

    [Complaint] Cooler Master Elite 344 CPU Cabinet from Snapdeal

    Hi guys, I had ordered a Cooler Master Elite 344 Cabby from Snapdeal @ 2150 on 11th July. Today I finally got the product along with another product that I had ordered Antec VP450P PSU. I was very excited since it would be my first computer build but all my excitement went down the drain...
  11. A

    [Views] PrimeABGB Expereince with Buying a Tablet

    Hi, i am Aditya I purchased Intuos5 Small Touch PTH-450 from PrimeABGB at 9th April 2013, and got delivery on 10th April 2013, Fedex Docket no. 802619853840. But as i opened the box inside product was PTK-450 instead PTH-450 and its not plastic wrapped as it should be plus box from inside...
  12. S

    HP Scanner G4010 glass broken - Help Pls Urgent

    Hi Friends, The glass of Hp G4010 scanner has broken (cracked) by mistake on one side towards bottom. As a result all the pages scanned have broken lines on them. I spoke to HP warranty India and since it’s out of warranty; they do not support it. Outside warranty they don’t sell...
  13. Extreme Gamer

    HIS HD7970 IceQ X^2 great price

    Model Details: HIS HD7970 IceQ X2 (RMA replacement for one of my GTX 580s, so no bill but it will have an RMA receipt) Condition: Identical to a brand new unit, only 2 days old (at time of writing) but the box seal is broken, because that is how I received it from Tirupati Enterprises (they...
  14. bssunilreddy

    [Query] What are the chances of getting a new Motherboard?

    Hi, I have bought Asrock Z77 Extreme4 MB from Arun Computers,CTC,Secunderabad on 18-4-12. During the installation of CM Hyper 212 Evo cooler one of the ram slots got damaged and a part broke of.Now I cant insert Ram into the 1st broken slot as comes out after inserting.I want a...
  15. AndroidFan

    PC can't detect my graphics card (NVidia Geforce 8600GT)

    My PC is no longer detecting my Graphics card... I just ended a game of Counter Strike, shut down the PC for a couple of hours, and when I come back to it, no display. I had to switch to onboard VGA port to get back the display. Checked BIOS... first priority is PCI... No change there... Checked...
  16. thetechfreak

    A new National record - Largest Guitar Ensemble of 5406 Guitarists

    Jajabor, A tribute to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika- A new record for Largest Guitar Ensemble- 5406 Guitarist For more pics and full story check the link above. Although a world record was aimed, we fell short. and yes I was there
  17. trublu

    TFT display of digicam damaged

    My friend has somehow managed to damage the display of his Nikon S5100 digital camera :D. I still don't know if the display is broken, or just not working. How much will it cost to repair/replace the display?
  18. L

    About broken c6-01

    Hey guys i have broken c6-01 cellphone. Touch screen is working even at scratched side. And there is no problem with display. But phone is broken. How can i understand which one is broken? LCD Screen or Touch Screen?
  19. kapilove77

    Can i buy this?

    Today when i opened my pc case for dust remove i saw my gpu's 4 fan's blade broken. So my question is can i buy that fan in market?
  20. CA50

    [Want to Buy] HDD with broken ports

    Hi friends, I am looking for HDD, which have got broken ports (power/data). The HDD must be working though. Anyone willing to dispose their damage HDD, kindly PM me or post over here. TIA
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