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Unboxing the Maximus VI Formula: the gaming baord with an overclocking gene


knocking on heavens door
Hey people!

Presenting the Maximus VI Formula from Asus. The ROG board which is mainly for gamers.
Am not a gamer per se, but I had an immense amount of fun with last formula Board.

Standard ROG box. All red with a flap and with all the information on both sides.
And here we have the board in all its glory.

that takes care of things outside the box, lets see whats inside.

Asus have provided everything except the kitchen sink and a pot in the box. (I would have appreciated a pot!).

Now to the board itself..

The first thing that catches the eye the ROG armor and the CrossChill hybrid cooling system. We will cover both of them in the review, so hold on!

The I/O panel is always filled to the brim with the standard fare stuff. The reset button deserves special mention since it saves a lot of headache for closed cased and open case clocker's alike.

The supreme FX audio chip is upgraded Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC.We will see how good it is.

That's about it for now.
Enjoy the pictures while i set it up and start playing with it!



knocking on heavens door
own(ed) most of em xD
but i get stuffs for review.
btw am gonna need some feedbacks on the pictures.
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