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  1. NeedToKnow

    White patch at the bottom of monitor

    Hello Guys , Recently I am seeing a white patch at the bottom of my monitor , in place of the task bar . The screenshots are ok , so i guess its a problem with the monitor ( Samsung B2030 model , bought it around 2008 ) , can this be rectified ?
  2. T

    Obtrusive ads on every webpage.

    Hello, Off late i have been noticing ads at the bottom of every website i visit. Even websites which have not subscribed to any ad network have some ads at the bottom of the page. You can check the attachment to get a idea. When i checked the source it seems, these are google ads. I have...
  3. Skud

    Next Generation Console Hardware

    HardOCP has posted a summary of Rumors from E3 about the next gen console hardware. Whereas the picture of Nintendo is clear now, those of MS and Sony are still foggy. So until the final products come out, feed yourself with the news/rumors with a sprinkle of SALT. ;) LINK:- E3 Rumors on Next...
  4. saswat23

    BIOS Problem.. Urgent help

    I have a Asus P8H67M-EVO mobo. Recently i installed motherboard monitor and when i tried entering the bios after restarting, i just couldn't. Neither the mouse nor the keyboard is working. I mean when i am moving the mouse the mouse returns back to Bottom Right Corner of the screen again and...
  5. B

    Paging in ASP.net DataList Control

    [B]I have a DtaList control which fetches 20 record in my webpage... I want to display 6 records in 3*3 style & a link at the bottom to view all records in another page. I have set the RepeatColumns=3 & RepeatDirection="Horizontal" , But how to set the vertical Repeat=3
  6. slashragnarok

    Question about SMPS (Power supply)

    Most cabinets have an opening at the back where the power supply goes and sometimes also at the bottom of the case(for bottom mounted psu). My question is do power supplies have one or two fans(one at the top, and one at the back). And if so, then would it be advisable to put the top fan facing...
  7. M

    waiting for s7.addthis.com

    while browsing certain websites,the pages are not fully loaded and the page hangs on with the above message at leftern bottom. how to get rid this? Os window 7
  8. J

    Strange: Bluetooth and Webcam not working after repair

    System: Dell XPS M1330 Laptop, Running Windows 7 32-bit Description of the Problem: My Wi-Fi switch had a loose connection, and since my laptop was under warranty I got them to replace the entire bottom base for me. Immediately after the replacement, I started getting the error "USB...
  9. Jaskanwar Singh

    forum problem

    i can't see the list of members who are online neither at the bottom of the threads nor at the index page. why?
  10. The CyberShot

    experts-exchange.com opens up solutions in Opera

    Hey guys, while browsing the net today, i just stubled upon this. When i use Opera to browse experts-exchange.com, the solutions show upat the bottom of the page without the need to sign up for the service
  11. R

    Black bars with HD videos!

    i downloaded few 720pHD trailers off itunes store and played it on my monitor which supports 720p with an aspect ratio of 16:10. but how come i get black bars on top and bottom??? and its pretty thick like in CRT monitors.
  12. M

    high CPU utilisation prob

    hi... Whenever I start a new program CPU utilization increases to above 90%.Also it gets continuously remain above 10 % with red lines at the bottom of the graph. Help me what to do!!!!
  13. comp@ddict

    9600GSO, new G94?

    http://www.techreport.com/discussions.x/15660 A new 9600GSO with reduced SPs to 48 only:mad: most probably to compete with the 46xx series... Well, nVidia is desperate...an since they cannot get the uber-performer crown..why not start from bottom eh! As most people are already aware, 9600GSO...
  14. MAK

    Widescreen problem. . .

    My problem is that I have sum videos which are of 4:3 ratio and there is black strip at the top and bottom (I think they were reformatted from 16:9 to 4:3). . So i wish to remove this black strip at the top and bottom so that i these comes fully on my screen coz I have got widescreen monitor. ...
  15. desiibond

    two Vista issues that frustrate me

    Guys, please please help me out to resolve the following two issues: 1) If I unplug and plug the audio cable, I am not getting sound from speakers. I see that when I play any song, the audio meter is jumping (when I click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner). 2) When I disconnect...
  16. utsav

    Orkut is now Yogurt

    see this what i found today :D look at the bottom left
  17. koolbluez

    Kool Wallpaper Trick &... Happy New Year !

    Was flickring when I got to a page with an innovative idea! The transparent desktop !!! An optical illusion created by photographing what's behind your screen and using it as a wallpaper. This can be extended to any display mechanism. Tips : - You have 2 eyes but your camera has only one...
  18. victor_rambo

    [Help needed]Cannot use OpenSUSE KDE from Live CD

    Yesterday I downloaded OpenSUSE 10.3 Live with KDE iso and burnt it to CD. Today, I am able to boot from the CD and welcome message is displayed. After I select 'OpenSUSE 10.3', the kernel loads 100%. Then a green screen(default background) appears and PC freezes. I tried disabling the ACPI but...
  19. desiibond

    LG Venus: 50% touch!!!!

    The bottom half of the screen is touch screen with haptic feedback.
  20. emailaatif786

    Is it DVD-R or DVD-RW?

    I bought a DVD MoserBaer 8.5 GB Double Layer. It has written: MB 8X DVD+R 9 DL/SS/8.5 GB/420min. At the bottom it has also written in Black RW DVD+R DL Now, Is it a Once write or RW ?
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