1. P

    Unable to boot from Ubuntu Bootbale USB; Kali login stuck in.

    I own an ASUS GL552VW. I wanted to learn how to work in hadoop which requires Linux to be installed on. I used rufus to create a Ubuntu 16.10 64 bit bootable pendrive. However when I boot from the disk and select install Ubuntu or try ubuntu, it gets stuck at the loading screen. I then tried...
  2. T

    HDD Upgrade

    I have an Boot SSD & two 1 TB HDDs. Details are in sig. Need Advice on 2, 3 TB HDDs. Mainly for Storage Purposes as SSD will be Boot Drive. Budget should be around 7 K Ging to sell of the existing HDDs. ps: If Someone is Pune area want the old HDDs plz PM.
  3. F

    Trouble booting to kali Linux (Debian)

    When I try to boot into my os, it gives me an error that it gave up waiting for root device and drops into a shell ( busy box) because /dev/sdb6 does not exist.i am currently running Windows 10 in my first drive.i think the boot partition for Linux is no. 5 in second drive . Is there a command...
  4. B

    Recover data and stuff from a corrupted OS

    Hi Guys, My friends pc with xp has got corrupted. It is not even booting up properly. He has few important files on the desktop, how to retrieve them if we boot using HBCD or Ubuntu? I mean IDK how to open desktop once we boot via them. Also he needs the history of his sites visited in...
  5. a_k_s_h_a_y

    PC boot mystery

    The story. I got a new case today. Total of 2x120mm fans, 1x140mm fan Swapped out everything. I tried to remove graphics card heat sink to clean, failed. just put it back in. I cleaned the psu FSP Saga II fan with cool air hair dryer. First boot, sparks at GTX 285 8-pin connector...
  6. Zangetsu

    OnePlus One not booting

    Hi Guys, Need help I was on CM12.1 and TWRP recovery. Today I flashed through TWRP 2.8.6 and now my phone is not going past CM boot logo. The boot logo animation of "Cyanogen Mod ready" is keeps on displaying :( I didn't not enabled USB debugging...
  7. kg11sgbg

    Motherboard problem,display post BIOS not booting up.

    My Desktop-PC has the GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 motherboard which was functioning and running great for nearly 2 and 1/2 years. Just a couple of days ago,the PC is refusing to boot up. I've tried clearing the CMOS of the motherboard and reloading "optimised defaults" but after rebooting by pressing...
  8. Z

    Query: PC shuts down while booting

    Hi, I have been using this PC for 3-4 years with no issues, It was disconnected and not used for 2 weeks and after that i cleaned my PC and reassembled it, after that it start normally but will shut down on its own while booting windows (you can say it runs only for first 30 sec). farthest...
  9. kARTechnology

    [Corsair CX430] Spark from PSU and PC still works fine!

    This happened 4 days back. Corsair CX430 PSU since Sep'12 A 250GB HDD GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2HP 3 gig RAM AMD 2400+ 2.4GHz Dual Core I sometimes switch off the PSU at the backside small switch. upon switching on at the back, a small spark. Immediately switched off, and after few...
  10. giprabu

    Unable to boot from USB/DVD.... Using Win 8 Pro..

    Guys, I'm presently using Win 8 pro and want to downgrade to windows 7. But the pc doesn't boot from either pen drive or dvd. I Googled for it and got the below suggestions, which are to be done in the BIOS. 1) Disable Fast boot/Secure boot. 2) Enable/Disable UEFI boot. 3) Enable...
  11. hari1

    PC keeps restarting after BIOS

    I am having a big problem with my PC right now. It keeps restarting 4-5 seconds after BIOS screen and before Windows boots. While Windows 7 was running, I inserted my earphone on the back of the PC and it restarted and went into a loop. I can boot into BIOS just fine and can also successfully...
  12. V

    How to Enable UEFI Fast boot?

    HI I just upgraded to Win 10 From Win 7 Now I want to Enable Fast Boot So How can i do it ? I tried to set CSM To UEFI nothing happens it boot for legacy bios again :-? Do i Need To Format OS & Reinstall in GPT partition & Is secure Boot need for fast boot? My sys spec are AMD FX8350...
  13. patkim

    Motherboard supporting UEFI + Secure Boot

    As I plan to build my new desktop (general home computing) at this point I have to start with my first requirement that it should have a mid-range motherboard AMD AM3+ or Intel 1150 or similar that supports UEFI + Secure Boot. Unfortunately info about secure boot support is poorly documented on...
  14. jkultimate

    HELP: Bootable USB Win XP. No BOOTmgr?

    Just downloaded an ISO of Win XP SP3. And when trying to create boot to a pen drive using CMD, Diskpart, It's saying NO BOOT FOUND. And when I looked the ISO, there was no Bootmgr file in it. Is it normal? Should I burn that to cd instead of USB flashing?
  15. T

    Ubuntu not Booting after Graphic Card Update

    I recently changed my Gfx from 560Ti to GTX 960. And since then whenever I try to start Ubuntu it hangs on the start up screen. Windows runs fine. I can boot through Recovery Option to Terminal but apart from that nothing. Please help. Not very well versed with Linux yet so step by...
  16. terminal

    unable to boot from USB after installing windows 10

    i have windows 10 install in my pc and i want to boot a linux distro with the help of usb i did that before when window 7 was installed in my pc and it worked every time there is option of uefi usb in boot priority as well but now i can't there is only three option in boot priority window boot...
  17. T

    Ubuntu Not Boot Loader Vanished.

    Hello, My PC Specs are in Signature. I had Win 7 SP1 Installed on the SSD. Then Installed latest Ubuntu Version. Worked fine for 2-3 weeks then the boot loader vanished. System boots in Win 7 Directly. I have the boot Disc with me. Kindly let me know how to fix and What may have...
  18. patkim

    Win + Linux dual boot - Deleting an adjacent NTFS partition results into Linux boot failure

    I have Vaio laptop with dual boot config. Windows 7 primary and Linux Mint 17 is installed on 3 logical partitions. boot, swap & root partitions. They are at end of extended space and there are other NTFS partitions in the same extended space that were created by Windows before I installed Linux...
  19. Niilesh

    Windows won't boot after bsod

    The problem I see the manufacturer logo then it gets stuck on a black screen. what happened i was watching a movie then suddenly i got a bsod after my laptop just won't boot. I am 90% sure bsod was BSOD - Driver Power State Failure i have tried Booting into safe mode - doesnt...
  20. H

    windows 7 doesnt boot with second hdd

    I currently have a 500gb HDD with win 7on it.when I connect my friends HDD with no os and set mine as first boot priority it loads up to win 7 screen then goes to starts checking my friends HDD...any solution? - - - Updated - - - Problem update...can't boot into safe mode with the...
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