1. P

    firewall bypassing

    i have fortinet internet security system installed in my college. Due to this I can't use torrent,teamviewer and other sioftwares. HELP ME PLEASE.....!!!!
  2. patkim

    List of Private IPs

    When I search for Private IPs list I get the following list from Google. RFC1918 name IP address range number of addresses 24-bit block – 16,777,216 20-bit block – 1,048,576 16-bit block – 65,536 What I...
  3. A

    Locking ip with Huawei hg630a

    Hello people We just got a konica minolta printer at work. The installation guy gave a static ip to the printer from the printer but he says we'll need to block the ip in the router settings. How can I block the ip in win 10?
  4. mithun_mrg

    [For Sale] Water block for CPU

    1. *Model number and details:Cpu water block for Intel/AMD 2. *Date of purchase:Dec 2016 3. Reason for sale:Surplus 4. Warranty details:None 5. *Expected Price:3300 Shipped 6. *Location of Seller:ASSAM 7.Condition: New Unused Included Cpu Block, Intel Backplate, 4 screws, 2x compression...
  5. B

    How to block few sites

    Hi Guys, My friend wants to block "few sites" for his 10 year old kid. The problem is that the child knows how to block/unblock sites via the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ method, new generation eh? Anyways please tell me the best way to block certain sites. I found few software's but they...
  6. powerhoney

    Was TDF better than the plain vanilla "digit"???

    Plain and simple, guys... Which did/do you like better??? 1. THe old wine "thinkdigit forum" 2. New kid in the block with plain vanilla looks called "digit" 3. It doesn't matter tuh meh!!!
  7. paroh blocked again by BSNL and Airtel File hosting and sharing website has been blocked again by several ISPs yet again, affecting business users that depend on the service to share latest build of its software with partners. Update: The website...
  8. RohanM

    Google Reportedly Pays Adblock Plus To Not Block Google Ads

    It's a little bit difficult for companies to profit off of online advertising these days, especially when most Internet-savvy users are using services like Adblock to remove unwanted ads. According to German site Horizont, companies may be getting around this by paying off Adblock Plus. Among...
  9. ramakanta

    Block Specific Number !!

    How to block a specific number in nokia N73 Mobile . please help ????? :cry: :cry:
  10. H

    Firefox 23 blocks non ssl content on SSL web pages by default
  11. paroh

    Bluecoat K9 Web Protection, Free Internet Filter and Parental Control

    Block web sites in more than 70 categories, including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence/hate/racism, malware/spyware, phishing Force SafeSearch on all major search engines Set time restrictions to block web access during designated times Configure custom lists for "always allow"...
  12. C

    How to block website

    how to block website without restarting computer? website can be blocked through hosts file entry but user need to restart their computer so is there any other way to block site without restarting computer? i have kaspersky is 2013 , it can block site without restarting computer but it show...
  13. R

    Help regarding K9 web protection program

    I have installed K9 web protection parental software in my desktop and had configured it to block porn and some other category websites. My brother has a laptop. Is there a way to block the same category websites on his laptop too, other than installing K9 in it [ofcourse only he knows the...
  14. dashing.sujay

    How to block torrent in personal WiFi network?

    Guys, I own a wifi network with 3-4 systems. I need to block torrent downloading for others/all. I googled and came out with some suggested solutions, but some did't worked, and in most cases, can't figure out how to make them work :? . 1) port blocking 1024-65534 (most simple, but I guess my...
  15. R

    How to block Ultrasurf from squid?

    How to block Ultrasurf/Tor/http tunnel like softwares from squid?
  16. tango_cash

    i need a sftwr to block access to all websites except 2 work related websites for office p.c's.

    hi frnds i need a sftwr to 1. block access to all websites except 2 work related websites for office p.c's. 2.also how can i block them from installing torrent sftwr or any kind of sftwr for that matter 3. and also block usb ports so they cannot use pendrives. thnks.
  17. theserpent

    Hey is there any software for this?

    Now whenever i browse using firefox..some explict images pop up .Is there a software(Add-on) to block those. My antivirus:AVG 2012 free version Thanks
  18. D@rekills4

    Block internet access to browsers?

    How can I block internet access to the browsers? I have FireFox and Internet Explorer running on Windows 7..... I tried blocking through Firewall but still both are able to access the web....
  19. S

    blocking access to server based on ip range

    hai, can any one tell me how to block range of ipadresss from accessing my file server. my server is of windows 2003 server
  20. A

    blocking websites

    Hello guys. Can you please tell me how to block certain websites on my laptop? I want to block some social networking sites and all porn sites so as to prevent my laptop from being misused by my friends.This should work on my laptop on all browsers.(I have win XP, 7 and Ubuntu 11.04 installed...
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