1. R

    Biostar N68S Motherboard Troubleshoot Help/Guidance request

    Hi All, I have a N68S Biostar Motherboard of two years old. Recently i got a refurbished one from the company as the previous one crashed. The current issue with the motherboard am facing is everytime i shut down my desktop and start it again, i have to reset the timing and diable the...
  2. evewin89

    Abnormal CPU/Chipset Error No Booting & No POST

    Evewin LakraBIOSTAR Mobo And AMD CPU. No Booting Sound is coming,No POST. 6 days back I got into this problem & I still Don't Have The Solution To Fix This issue. My Biostar Pc is not booting........(No Booting Sound is coming) I tried everything I know. but its not letting me to even enter...
  3. bssunilreddy

    Biostar TA990FXE Motherboard for AMD FX 8320...

    Hai, I want to know whether Biostar TA990FXE motherboard with its 4+2 phases is rightly suited to overclocking my AMD FX 8320 to 4.5 with water cooling using Corsair H60. I don't know much about vdroop and such other things. So if anybody can guide me in overclocking my AMD FX 8320 with a...
  4. aal-ok

    pop t2t 3d analyze

    when i run prince of persia the two thrones loading screen appears and then profile select screen but all of it appears in boxes and it freezes and i have to restart my pc when i ran it using 3d analyze and with swift shader it crashes my pc specs ram:768mb hdd: 80 gb seagate barracuda...
  5. veera_champ

    [For Sale] Biostar ta990fxe

    * Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: BIOSTAR TA990FXE * Expected Price: Rs 6500 with Shipping * Time of Purchase: July 2012 * Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 16 Months of burn warranty and 28 months of standard warranty * Reason for Sale...
  6. dibya_kol

    Biostar TZ68k+ bios(old) needed ..

    hii, i need old bios for biostar TZ68K+ vr.6 mobo. I searched biostar's site but they don't have old bios. But there is a old bios which will support 22nm cpu. But i don't need that one. I need something from 2011's which has support of 32gb ram. Thanks in advance. p.s : I have...
  7. D

    [Complaint] Biostar RMA complaints

    Hi guys, need your help out here. I bought an BIOSTAR TA 790 GXE 128 M + AMD PHENOM 2 555 BE one and a half years back. System was running well till march 2012 when it went dead. motherboard was given to the service center ABACUS peripherals at grant road ,mumbai. repaired mother board...
  8. blademast3r

    [Query] How do I go about this RMA?

    Hi all, I believe Im in a unique situation. My motherboard is currently screwed (Isolated after a lot of diagnosis). The seller purchase date on it is Dec 2009 and it has 3 yr warranty. Its a biostar mobo. But the shop I bought it from is no more and I dont think I can find the bill or box...
  9. R

    Will my Biostar P35D2-A7 motherboard support DDR3 graphic card?

    Hello friends, I dont know if i am asking a right question here but i have a doubt. My PC have Biostar P35D2-A7 motherboard and i am looking to change my graphic card. while browsing flipkart website i found this Graphics Card: Sparkle NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 1 GB DDR3 Will this support...
  10. J

    Best motherboard for i5 2500k

    Hi Guys, Can you tell me which motherboard among the below will be the best to pair with i5 2500k?????? Biostar TZ68K+ Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 ASUS P8P67 PRO Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4-B3 Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3
  11. giprabu

    Is Phenom II 960T compatible with Biostar A880GZ ??

    I'm posting this on behalf of my friend. For the thread title, Everybody, at first sight will probably say yes. But when i went through the list of processors supported in the biostar website, 960T isn't listed. A880GZ :: Motherboard :: BIOSTAR(even though the motherboard has AM3+ socket)...
  12. V

    Suggest Mobo and CPU

    Will I need a Discrete Graphics Card to run Intel® HD Graphics 3000 on this Mobo ? Hello everyone :D Finally decided to leave a Discrete graphics Card for now [Yep I know i will not be able to play new games (^_^)]. Going for an Intel Core i5 2500K which have Intel® HD Graphics 3000. ##->I...
  13. zacfx05

    MB that supprots GEN3 tech that wont make abig hole in the pocket

    This is for guys who doesnt want many connection features like 14 usb ports on their motherboard, and want to buy a new MB now... but still like to buy something future proof without breaking a bank.... BIOSTAR TZ68K+ Maximum PC | Biostar: No Worries, Our 6 Series Mainboards Fully Support...
  14. nbaztec

    Need Pricing of a few mobos

    Can anyone help me with the prices of these mobo? ASUS M4A78-E ASUS M4A78T-E ASUS M4N82-DELUXE ASUS M4A79-DELUXE ASUS M4A79T-DELUXE ASUS M4A89TD PRO Biostar A785GE Biostar TA785GE 128M Biostar TA790GXBE Biostar TA790GX 128M Biostar TA790GXB A2+ Biostar TA790GX A3+ Biostar...
  15. T

    Biostar Motherboard

    I want to buy a motherboard for my core 2 Duo processor intel G31 How is biostar mobo??? where can i get it in mumbai at reasonable price?? do they give any warranty or after sales service???
  16. ssb1551

    Urgent : Components Upgrade!!

    Hi guys sorry if already such a thread exists!I aint aware of it!! K then coming bk to my problem at hand..I hv an Athlon X2 4400+ CPU, Asus M2NMX SE Motherboard,2GB Zion DDR2 800MHz RAM.1TB Seagate n 500GB Seagate HDD,ATI Radeon HD 4650 IGB,LG 20" Monitor,some intex(a.k.a el cheapo) 450W PSU n...
  17. Nemes!s

    G.skill DDRIII 1333 on Biostart TA785G3 mobo

    Hi Guys..I'm back again:oops: I wanted to know does Biostar TA785G3 supports G.Skill DDR III 2 Gb F3-10600CL9S-2GBNT 1333 mhz RAM ? Coz i just checked the mobo spec and it is not showing G.Skill support :sad: BIOSTAR :: TA785G3 :: Memory Support Please shade some light Thanks
  18. S

    confused by biostar.

    from u guys i know that the biostar TA785G3 HD is a nice MB. then i check out there website and am confused abount all the different models they have with the 785g chipset 1. TA785G3 HD 2. TA785G3+ 3. TA785-A3 4. TA785G3 5. A785G3. i just wanna know whats the difference between these...
  19. S

    Suggestion needed for my upgradation !!!!

    I gonna upgrade My PC on next month. I alrdy have msi 5770. Tagan 500wt PSU & 3GB DDR3 ram @1333MHz. I will buy a NZXT gamma cabby. Now I need suggestion to buy a procy with mobo. I shortlisted this combination bcoz of my tight budget--- 1. Phenom II X4 955 BE+ Biostar TA785G3 HD / MSI...
  20. C

    System Configuration Help Required!

    Iam looking to buy a AMD based gaming pc and took this config form one of the forums these are the best prices in my city Phenom II X4 965 3.4GHz B.E. C3 @ 9.3k Biostar TA890GXE @ 6.6k Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600MHz C9 Titanium @ 6.8k Cooler Master Centurion 690 @ 4.4k Seagate Barracuda...
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