1. W

    Pastor hits perdition road on stolen bikes

    Source: Pastor hits perdition road on stolen bikes | India News - Times of India @Desmond David @Nerevarine @Vyom @sling-shot :lol:
  2. sujoyp

    Need a new Bike under 1 lakh

    Hi Guys, I was planning to replace my 14 yr old Unicorn with a new bike in comming 2 months. I am 5.6" (just to give you idea, dont suggest too high bike) and I dont want RE :) I have shortlisted these 3 bikes 1. Gixxer SF SP 2. Yamaha FZS 2.0 3 Honda Hornet CBS 200cc bikes are out of...
  3. G

    Looking for a good looking yet comfortable bike under 1.5 lakh

    Hi all I am looking for a new bike with good looks and comfortable riding for long drives. Budget is max 1.5 lakh. Mileage and service charges are not an issue. So far I have selected two bikes yamaha r15 v2.0 and new launch bajaj avenger street 220 and I am confused between these two because I...
  4. Gollum

    Need Bike Advice

    After Riding the same bike for the past 14 years its finally time to get a new One. Some background: I have driven many bikes which do not include any bike more than 150CC I don't like cruisers and naked bikes I am/was a cyclist so riding posture is not an issue with me. (read R15v2 and KTM RC)...
  5. RCuber

    Bike for comfort and long rides

    Hello Guys, I'm thinking of buying a bike for daily commute. I have to travel minimum of 50KM + on weekdays. Bike should be very maneuverable and also comfortable for the back and buttocks(yes you read if right). I have been traveling for 40+ km's for the past 15 years and used bike for...
  6. koltanga

    ~150cc Bike Purchase - Advice

    ~150cc Bike Purchase - Advice Hi, I'm looking to buy a bike with an engine in the 150cc range. I'd mostly be using the bike for short-medium haul travel within the city itself Want the bike the have just the lil' hint of bling, not too much. Hence I'm not including Yamaha's FZ-* bikes [too...
  7. koolent

    New bike under 85k (on-road).

    I want to purchase a bike within 85k (on-road), I live in a town called Rawatbhata and the roads are nicely laid here.Really less traffic is observed as is signified by the presence of no traffic signals. The roads only have one hitch, at some places there are really bad stretches on the road...
  8. U

    Which Bike to buy Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme New Model or Hero Impulse ???

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a new bike. Can you please tell me the positives and negatives of both the bikes Hero CBZ Xtreme New Model and Hero Impulse. I drive a lot around 100 kms per day. And i do touch speed of 90kmph a lot of times a day. Drive very rash so keeping in mind this...
  9. N

    Suggest me a Bike within 55k

    Hi all, I want to Purchase a bike as soon as possible. My preference is MILEAGE also of 65+ .My clg is a way far from my home (about 23 km from my home) and the complete journey from home to cg and clg to home is 46km and i have to go to clg at least 4-5 days in a week (no bus after...
  10. R

    Bike with good mileage for daily use

    Hello, I want to buy a bike with a good mileage. I stay in Dombivili and work at Vashi. So total up and down distance is 50 km. The total journey is on highway. My requirements are: 1. Bike with a good mileage. 2. Bike with a good/decent look. I did some research and friends suggested...
  11. ajai5777

    Guys..I met with an accident..

    My bike got crashed with a tripper.Right hand got fractured and some skin loss..Now in hospital..If i wasnt wearing helmet it could have been all over. See the bike.. And one more thing, 5777 is my bikes number..
  12. somulesnar

    Bajaj KTM Duke 125cc will launch by 2011 end

    Bajaj has planned to offer KTM Duke 125cc Bike by last month of 2011 in India and Brazil market. The new KTM Duke 125 from Bajaj will make the debut entry in Brazil where more than 20 lacs bikes are sold in an year. Currently, KTM Duke 125 is made at Bajaj’s Chakan Facility. Duke is 90%...
  13. Pragadheesh

    transporting bike fromTamil Nadu to Karnataka

    Hi, I have to take my bike from Tamil Nadu(Coimbatore) to Karanataka(Bangalore). So do i need to change the number plate.? What is the procedure to ride a different state bike in Karanataka without getting caught by police. Recently i heard that the supreme court has put an order that we can...
  14. Champ

    Suggestions Required for buying a new mid range(125cc-135cc) bike

    Hi Guys, After struggling in DTC busses for past 1 month I have finally decided to buy a new bike. This will be my first bike. The bike will be primarily used for going office. And occasional weekend shopping. Distance between home and office is 26 Kms (10 Km city ride + 16 Km Delhi Gurgoan...
  15. N

    Mid segment Bikes

    I am planning to buy mid segment bikes 125/135 cc. Which shall I opt from below bikes Honda Shine Bajaj Discover Bajaj Xcd Yamaha Gladiator Tvs Flame Hero Honda - dont have much idea Please mention more bikes in this segment which I have missed. Regards, Nachiket
  16. desiibond

    aviator vs activa vs blaze vs ...

    Hey guys, Am ready to take a new scooterette next month. Till last month, i had sight on only two scooters. Activa and Blaze. Now there are lot of new bikes in this segment. Totally confused and am not at all good at motor selection. Please help me. What I need is superb smooth ride with...
  17. manas

    Buying a new bike...

    I am going to buy a new bike. :p I am only having 125cc/135cc bikes as an option.:( Since I want a good fuel economy along with performance thrown in. The 100cc bikes are too crappy and I cannot afford the fuel economy of the 150cc+ bikes. :D My options currently are Hero Honda Glamour...
  18. Family Guy

    TVS Flame or Gladiator SS\RS

    Hi guys I am new on these boards.I have seen quite a few bike threads here,so I guess people are quite knowledgeable about them. Please recommend me one of these two bikes and list their pros and cons:) Regards Family Guy
  19. s18000rpm

    Yamaha's 4 new Bikes

    FOUR bikes that Yamaha will launch this year. two 150cc bikes-(18+bhp) R15 FZ150 two 125cc (11bhp) bikes Gladiator type SS Gladiator type RS Source: AutoCar India , March 2008
  20. bajaj151

    Want to sell bike

    I am planning to sell my bike "Thunderbird". Is there any site which allow deals of bikes ? If anyone..interested..reply me... I bought this bike 3 months ago....
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