Suggestions Required for buying a new mid range(125cc-135cc) bike

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Hi Guys,
After struggling in DTC busses for past 1 month I have finally decided to buy a new bike.
This will be my first bike.
The bike will be primarily used for going office. And occasional weekend shopping.
Distance between home and office is 26 Kms (10 Km city ride + 16 Km Delhi Gurgoan Highway).
I want mileage to be at least 50 kmpl, and willing to spend up to 50K-55K
So I am stick to 125cc-135cc category.
I have following bikes in mind
1. Bajaj Discover 135
2. Honda Stunner
3. Yamaha Gladiator
4. Hero Honda Glamour

On paper Bajaj Discover looks best, and after looking at specifications and reviews I had decided to buy that bike only but today when I went to Bajaj showroom, I was not that happy with the look of new Discover. So am again in dilemma.


Please post your experiences and comments about above bikes. So I can make a informed decision.

Also if someone has any other bike best suited to my requirements please mention that also


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@latino_ansari Thanks for the Link.:smile:

I am asking for personal experience from all the forum members.
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