1. L

    emoticons for MSN

    Hi, I have searched to some extent, but couldn't get a hold of something as good and big as say gigasmileys.. Where can I get such big ones and lots of them?? animated of course... for MSN messenger (windows live) thks.
  2. krates

    lol - china mobiles meets warranty :)

    Well in my area a big mobile shop has been setup and they are giving 1 year warranty - for 10k+ china mobile 6 months warranty - for 5k+ china mobiles haha isn't that funny when i went to the shop there was no place to stand only :D:D:D:D Still i am quite satisfied with my n73 and i stay...
  3. P

    Could Someone help???Urgent

    :confused: I've got Pentium D 2.8,2 Gb RAM,NVIDIA GeForce 7200 GS....The problem with my pc is that whenever i run full screen applications after a ten mins or so that application gets minized to the fact i could bring back back the application by clicking on ther minimized...
  4. bhunnu16

    Networking project in c++ needed

    Hi! I am in immediate need of networking project in c++. It can be any routing algorithm like flooding, shortest path routing, distance vector routing etc. or any network based application that is not too big. Please help as I need this today. I would to grateful if someone can help me .
  5. ramsingh

    abt Zebronics Bijli???

    how is the Cabinet.. not seen this cabinet.. is still spacious?? i mean i will keep my computer in inside room .. so i need a big spacious and go cooling cabinet...kindly give the features.. is anyone using this cabinet??
  6. naveen_reloaded

    Big TV not compromising with quality!!!

    the good thing is .. many DTH providers like dishtv/tatasky etc have been saying that they provide DVD quality picture....and CD quality audio.. but wht we get at the end ??? a slighlty better quality ( p.s i have both dish and local cable connection and to say the truth .. there isnt so much...
  7. Dark Star

    Amarok Album Art problem!

    I downloaded the Album Art and saved it but it is not showing in the main big Album art .. Rest is in the SS..
  8. casanova

    Canon Deskjet Printer IP 1300

    This printer is available fro Rs 1199/- at Big Bazaar. Last day is today. How is this offer.
  9. MetalheadGautham

    Jab We Met - Big catches for Moser Baer Entertainment!

    Jab we Met was released by moserbaer entertainment for Rs. 34(2xvcd) and Rs. 49(DL DVD). a big catch indeed for moser baer, who are getting notorious in india for selling original movies cheaper than duplicates. getting this hit film was a big surprise for all, and I am soon going to watch my...
  10. H

    50 Ubuntu apps for Design & Developing!!

    Go to her blog That's what she says.. but nonetheless pretty good list.
  11. H

    First Official Indiana Jones poster is out!

    Go to Article Being a big fan of the Series and Harrison Ford, I loved this poster. Waiting for the big movie :D
  12. debiprasad_sahoo

    How to upload a big size file in php?

    The max file size set in php.ini file is 2 mb. I want to write code such that it will allow to upload a big sized file with out changing the setting in php.ini file.
  13. esumitkumar

    Bands like Rammstein? Any recommendations ?

    Hey bruders I am a big big fan of RS. I love them so much ..Each and every song and Till's voice...and most important awesome lyrics and their meanings... I have listened to Iron Maiden,Sepultura,Metallica etc etc .But I found nobody near them . can you recommend me some really good head...
  14. naveen_reloaded

    WAnt a BIG poster...

    guys i want a big poster... i mean really big poster... to put in my room.. its hard for me to tell the size... i am planning to put some new game stills .. enlarged ... wht am i supposed to do?? where can i download really big still/poster... so that i can give it to a print office and...
  15. iMav

    Desktop Evolution: Windows and Mac OS Comparison

    1 big image shows it all ;) courtesy: gizmodo
  16. S


    Just joined so wanted to say a big hello to everybody out there :) How are you doing? Take care, Shikha
  17. A

    XFX Geforce 7600GT 256 MB For SALE

    Hello there ppl:p I'm Abhishek Sharma:) . I want to sell my graphic card which is XFX Geforce 7600GT 256MB. I purchased the card near feb.07 and havent used it much. Card came with a warranty of 3 years. Model:XFX Nvidia 7600GT Memory: 256MB DDR3 Type: PCIe Warranty: 3years...
  18. mayanks_098

    Halo 3's ground breaking release

    the much anticipated(digg is bleeding with Halo 3 articles these days) Halo 3 finally was released on 25,sep. it surpassed highest ever single day gross for anything in entertainment industry and raked in an enormous $170 mn(forgot, only in US!!!) on its first day. it beat likes of...
  19. M

    >>> Motherboard CRASHED - HELP OUT URGENT...!!!

    friends, i am in a big trouble actually i own a desktop intel original board d845gvsr which i bought in dec. 2004. its not working right now contacted the local vendor.... they are telling that it has to be sent to Intel Head Ofiice for free replacement as it is still under warranty period upto...
  20. azzu

    TATA INDICOM'S eXplorer

    i saw it today in a local news paper tata indicoms new mobile named eXplorer the general features are: VGA cam , SD mmc ,MP3 player, Fm etc.. the big feature is it supports FULL internet access ok this is not big feature but tata is providing unlimited access to INTERNET FOR JUST 99/- PER...
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