1. W

    MSPaint and image size

    Using the default image-editing software in WinXP, MS Paint, I had downloaded some big images and wished to resize them to my desktop height/width. Having done that I noticed that the file size of the image had reduced from 600 Kb to only 55 Kb. So the next big image I reduced the...
  2. M

    Hows k790i?

    Hey ppl i am sick of my dead slow nokia n70me and its earfones sucks to no end.I am no big fan of symbian os as i dont enjoy playing games on mobiles.I need fast,no nonsense music fone wih a gr8 camera better than k750i which i was addicted to some time back.My friend suggested this big bro of...
  3. forever

    how to append text files to a bigger file?

    hello friends. i have a query. i have 16 text files(.txt) and i want to make one big text file with all the files appended into one big file, like if there is l1.txt ...l16.txt, i want one l.txt = l1+l2+..l16, pardon the bad expression, is this possible? please suggest something, thank you :)
  4. ax3

    utube video file size ! ! !

    after viewing or downloading v know the real file size of THAT video ..... sometimes its 2 BIG ............... any trick 2 know the file size before viewing the file or video ???
  5. R

    Want To Sell Big 7600gs....just Cheap

    HELLO FRINEDS.... I WANT TO SELL MY BIG 7600GS GPU.. BECAUSE I WANT TO BUY 8800GTX SO . IT'S WITH BILL AND STILL 2.2 YEARS OF WARRENTY PENDING.... I BOUGHT IT 23/09/2006..... Product : BIG 7600GS Memory : 256MB DDR3 Interface : PCI-e Warranty : 2.2 year warranty remains with bill...
  6. Rockstar11

    Send big files DIRECTLY from your PC to any PC. { Big File Sender 2.0 }

    Hello Friends.... My First Software Review... :D Big File Sender Personal Edition newVersion 2.0 Released Size: 2.37 MB Platforms: Windows XP, Me, 98, NT and 2000, 2003 Transfer BIG files. Resume your broken transfers. Do you have data security when you send files as email attachments? Do...
  7. J

    Big Problem !

    Big Problem ! I want to remove a particuilar Task bar icon located near my clock :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: But I want the application to be active in background for Eg:Runnig my antivrus program without Task Bar Icon:smile: Please Help:idea:
  8. anandk

    "Windows7 & Office14 To Be Just As Big as Vista & Office2007"

    Windows Seven and Office 14 will be just as Big as Windows Vista and Office 2007 - Vista and Office 2007, and definately not the last of their kinds! Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System will be followed by Windows Seven and Office 14. Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer, present at the...
  9. vish1988

    T-sonic 610 or 630

    i have decided to buy T-sonic ka mp3 player but i am confused between 610 and 630 there no big prics diff between them so please tell me should i go for 610 or 630
  10. Voldy

    Will thierry henry departure a big blow to Arsenal ?

    The purpose of posting these thread because i am Arsenal supporter not that very big supporter but a little and i really apperiated the passion and their commitment towards football and i am big fan of thierry henry. On the departure of thierry henry frm Arsenal for barca...
  11. M

    BIG 7600GS 256MB PCI-e w/2year warranty & Bill

    hey guys Product : BIG 7600GS Memory : 256MB DDR3 Interface : PCI-e Warranty : Yes,2 year warranty remains with bill Original Box and...
  12. Vivek788

    Windows Recycle Bin Doubt

    Recently I saw tat 10% of each drive is reserved as maximum for recycle bin.I have a 160 gb hard disk with quite big I am worried if all those gbs of space are just 'reserved'. Is the space allocated permanently or just used when needed?
  13. pro

    is seamonkey a good browser?

    has anyone tested this offering from mozilla? how is the performance, security? is it better than opera/firefox? size of application is 13MB; man , its big..
  14. chicha

    AMD vs INTEL

    I know we had this fight across this site. I am a big fan of AMD so i will go AMD all the way. Now the point to note is There are only 2 players in the chip making industry(IBM appaaart). The problem is they are two animals fighting and some day one will die. Then we will have no choice at all...
  15. V

    Big Endian

    How will you represent COMPUTER in Big endian style if the computer has a byte addressable memory organised in 32 bit words ??? Which one is correct guys... COMP UTER or CO MP UT ER
  16. max_demon

    k750i 6X optical zom !!!

    link Big image Big image Is that available in india? if yes what is the price i think it may be something ~1100 it is brillient accessory to take pictures of .....:D:D:Dvery clearly:D:-D:mrgreen:
  17. aditya.shevade

    Help in chosing college project

    Hi I know this might sound stupid, but one of my teachers has asked us to prepare a presentation on any technical/scientific subject in about 5 pages. It should contain working info, general info, uses, and that all in 5 pages. One more thing, it should be preferably a new technology...
  18. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    Problem in Mafia

    I have played Mafia a long time before. At that time I encountered a problem since I doesnt have any solution I stop playing At that time I even don't know about this forum. Now I want sol. of my problem. I dont rember the stage or chapter, Situation is like this when Our hero want to kill One...
  19. 24online

    Google Accused of Helping Pirates

    Film studios are going after Google for its alleged aid in film piracy Google is coming under fire from big media studios who are accusing the search giant of aiding in film piracy. Setting this headline apart, however, is that the complaints aren’t over YouTube, but rather Google’s...
  20. N

    To Sell - Geforce 6200 AGP 256MB

    4 Sale - Geforce 6200 256MB AGP Wanne sell off my BIG Geforce 6200 APG 256MB graphics card since I’ve got a new card now... Brand: BIG ( Slot Type: AGP (not PCIe) Video RAM: 256MB DDR-RAM Clock Speed: 380 MHz Memory Speed: 485 MHz Expected Price: 2K (Not Negotiable)...
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