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hello . i have a budget of 15-16k max . and I am looking for a new mobile phone . I presently have a 1.5 yr old NEO V .
these are the features that i want .
1. big screen . atleast 4 " but defintly not very big like 5"
2. decnt display and a good audio support.
3. budget of 15-16k max.
4. dual core processr. n good ram . i wont be gaming much but still need a robust device.

i have shortlisted xperia L . as it has a qvga display then battery support might be good??
also if any other phone that i would be looking upon ??
thnx .:)
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Xperia L but charging daily is a must. maybe more if you try some heavy task like games. or LG L9 if you can sacrifice performance for more battery life and better display. also camera wise XL thrash L9.


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i had neo v for more than a year . i can manage the battery thing.
it seems xperia l it is .
hows xperia v??
is it avail in india??


After Neo V you are moving to L, doesn't seems to be a good idea.
Rather I would suggest wait for sometime and save some money then get something better.


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Xperia L seems to perfectly fit your bill. It is the most recommended phone in your budget range.

To be honest almost all Android phones requires charging daily.
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