1. l30786

    What should a BCA student be focusing his time/effort on?

    Hello everyone, I am a BCA, 4th semester student in IGNOU (distance education). my current percentage is 50% and I am not expecting above that after I graduate. I am also planning on doing MCA from regular course if I can get into a good college. Since I am doing my current degree from...
  2. l30786

    How much creativity is needed for professional programmers?

    Hello everyone, I am a BCA - 4th semester student from IGNOU. I am pretty lost in terms of career decision right now. I am pretty average (if not below average) student. I was a pretty studious student back in 12 (85% in XII). But because of some unfortunate situations, I had to drop out of...
  3. G

    MCA related question- NIT trichy AGE limit ??

    Hello Digitians ! I am 25 years old and thinking of joining BCA from IGNOU this year. By the time i complete my bca i would be around 28-29 years old .. The next step would be NIMCET and aim for NIT Trichy My question is 1) Will age be a big problem ? i tried to search and see if there...
  4. vishnov

    BCA maths vs Engg. Maths. whhich is tougher?

    guys can you tell me the level of difficulty of maths in bca course? is it as hard as engineering maths? and one more question too.. amongst bca,bba and bba which course has better future scope and has better chances of getting employed (after doing PG, obviously!) plz reply.
  5. vishnov

    LIFE ON THIN ICE..Help your brother..plz guide this soul!

    hi guys, i need your advise on a rather important matter which may decide on how my life progresses. I study in final year electronics and tele-comm. engg from a pvt college in Maharashtra. But still, i've got backlogs from first year (maths). Unable to clear my first year papers i am not...
  6. Bytebolt

    Career planning after +2 : Integrated BCA in Cyber Security ?? It that worth?? Help Me

    *www.shiksha.com/Integrated-Bca-In-Cyber-Security-course-in-Meerut-Cssrl-Cyber-Security-Studies-And-Research-Laboratory-course-information-listingcourse-196863 ^^Source It says it is UGC recognised, DEC Approved, Affiliated to IGNOU Collaboration (Indian University), Affiliated to...
  7. hari1

    Is there any scope for BCA+MCA?

    I am a commerce student with Maths and expecting 85-89% in +2 CBSE Board exams. I am interested in making websites, apps etc. and go in IT sector. But anybody I ask suggests then there is no scope for BCA degree holders as companies directly select B.Tech students saying that if we were serious...
  8. K

    Can i get a job after 4 years of education gap?

    Hello,I am a guy.I am 20 yrs old.. I did my 10th in 2008 with 79% and 12th in 2010 with 60%.. All problems started after this.. I joined engineering in 2010,Branch E&C. I passed 1st year somehow. 2nd yr i got total 9kts and one more yr wasted trying to clear them.I dropped out this year.. So...
  9. D

    Which stream to choose?

    I have passed out Maharashtra Board S. S. C. Exams with 65.60 %. Maths is my weakest subject. I am interested in Computer Science but for that I have to take Science stream which is full of maths. Other option is that I take commerce stream and do BCA afterwards and then MCA. I know BCA value is...
  10. S

    What to do now?

    I really need your advice please help me guys I am in final year BCA,but till 1st sem have only passed only 2 subjects that too only in 1st sem.And from 2nd to 5th sem i have not attended even a single exam(except practicals).6th sem exams are from 24th April.and you know why all this...
  11. msn

    Need Guidance - BCA from Sikkim Manipal Distance Education

    Hello All, I am planning to finish off my graduation. I am working in IT field (Tech Support) and now want to complete my BCA. I am working in a BPO as a Tech Support. My question - Is Sikkim Manipal a good university - I will join correspondence in BCA. Sikkim Manipal does not have...
  12. Niilesh

    Help regarding career planing

    Hey guys currently i am in 10th.I am good at maths and science(and ofcourse comp.)I have decided to opt for PCM in 11th. I am interested to become White hat hacker/Developer(but have negligible idea about how it's done) I was also Looking to go for animation but i think it will require good...
  13. Gtb93

    Colleges for BCA

    Any suggestions guys? :) Mumbai/Bangalore/Pune anything :razz:
  14. Gtb93

    Good computer course?

    I need to know options other than BCA after 10+2 if possible? I haven't opted for math after 10th, so I'm currently only looking at BCA.. I was looking at the GNIIT course too, is it any good?
  15. V

    tips dwarka

    Is joining tips, dwarka(trinity institute of professional studies) for a bca programme good choice
  16. A

    BCA or B.Tech

    hich course is considered to be tougher in terms of maths and physics, B.Tech/B.E Computer Science or BCA ??? i am considerably weak in PCM. What should i go for BCA or B.Tech/B.E Computer Science and Engineering or B.Tech/B.E Information Science and Engineering ?? and i have heard that there...
  17. W

    How to progress after BCA need suggestions and guidelines over Computer Security

    I just passed my BCA from a not much recognized university. Previously I planned to go for MCA after BCA but 3 year duration and tough competitive exams for good universities put me off because I'm not so good in mathematics. So, now I am thinking of doing M.Sc (cs) and if failed to find a...
  18. R

    How to go in Web Designing after BCA.

    Hi friends.....I am currently a BCA II Year student. And I want to be a web developer. Can you please suggest me what are the courses available specifically for it. After BCA, most students choose MCA, is it a gud option for me? Also, what is the future and scope of web development in India? Is...
  19. S

    suggest some good and different Option after BCA

    Hi everyone i'm a BCA final year student and my session will be over in Apr. so kindly suggest me some good options that i can go for after BCA which will lead to a good future placement and package... Planning to go for MBA from Delhi Business School my last option but still i want to remain...
  20. V

    What to do after BCA, MCA or MSc?

    Hi Presently I'm in 2nd year doing BCA (4th Sem) from GGSIP university. I'm wondering what to do after my graduation? I'm keen on pursuing higher studies in Computer Science, as far as my interests go, I like developing applications in VB and Java, I dont know .Net yet so maybe after I learn...
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