How much creativity is needed for professional programmers?


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Hello everyone,
I am a BCA - 4th semester student from IGNOU. I am pretty lost in terms of career decision right now. I am pretty average (if not below average) student. I was a pretty studious student back in 12 (85% in XII). But because of some unfortunate situations, I had to drop out of multiple colleges before deciding to do BCA from IGNOU. So, now I don't know where I want to go in life from here as I didn't plan to do BCA. I don't know much about IT field. I only know one thing - that people go on to become programmers after BCA or MCA. But I am sure the truth is different.

My question may sound all over the place, but please bear with me. So, I was pretty good at PCM and programming back in XII. And I thought I could one day become a programmer or something like any kid I guess. But, after joining BCA, I realized there is so much more to IT then just "Hello World" program. I am finding the subjects boring and tough, especially, subjects like Data Structure, Algorithm, DBMS, Networking etc. But I am pretty good at C,C++, Java etc. But only basic stuff, like writing a few lines of codes and basic programs. But since I am halfway through my degree and I have to decide where to go from here, I wanted to know a little bit about the practical side of the IT industry.

I am thinking about doing MCA from regular after BCA from IGNOU (distance) which could be tough considering I am expecting no more than 50% aggregate in BCA. But I don't know which field I should be focusing on after MCA. I have to get at least 20k-30k per month paying job after doing 1-2 years of job after MCA. But is this possible for a below average guy like me? I want to know how much creativity is really needed in real life programming job? Is it just following instructions at first (entry level jobs)? I don't have much strong mathematics background nor do I consider myself a creative person as I haven't much produced something out of nothing recently.

What are the major fields that I can try out in IT, after finishing BCA or MCA? I was interested in game development in the middle aslo, made some small projects in Unity by taking online help. I was also thinking about web development. But what about other jobs that I can do?

So, anyway, I guess I was pretty vague about my question. But here's the shorter version of question :
What are the major entry level fields in IT that a BCA or an MCA can enter (and expect 20k-30k per month)?
How much creativity is needed to be a good programmer, game developer or web developer?
How much deep knowledge do you need to be considered to be ready for a job?

thanks :)
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