1. T

    Need Best 2.0 portable speakers for PC 4k

    Hello guys, I am an audiophile and I am tired of listening music on crappy laptop speakers. I am having a hard time in finding portable 2.0 audiophile grade speakers for my Dell laptop. Bass is not an issue but it should be noticeable (not a bass head). I am going to travel and carry them with...
  2. Ray

    Bass:Sennheiser CX 275 vs Sony XB30EX?

    Has any used both of them? Does the CX275 has same level of bass as XB30EX? If anyone has used the XB30EX-how long did they last?
  3. anirbandd


    Early in January 2015, I was contacted by the TDF representative of SignatureAcoustics. I was told that they had another product, the O-16 that they were putting up for independent and unbiased first impressions/reviews. Since reviewing (and subsequently buying) the C-12 IEMs, I was always...
  4. Gollum

    YAMAHA HTR 3067 with NS P40 Speaker Package Unboxing

    Yamaha HTR 3067 INR28000 Box contains AV Revceiver Remote Loop Antenna YPAO Speaker calibration Mic AM Antenna cable User Guide CD The Remote The receiver The receiver Back NS P40 Speaker Package - INR18400 Neatly packed in the box Bass Reflex Satellite...
  5. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Headphones for 3k

    Im looking for headphones around 3k. may extend upto 4k if the product is really good. I am planing to use for quite some time, like for 6-7hours continuous sessions of gaming, so i need bass and comfort and a good sound stage. Not muddy sound but clear and punchy bass. I will also be using...
  6. Fubar

    Need Basshead Headphone within 2.5 K

    I need an on ear / over-the-ear purely bass dominating headphone under Rs. 2,000 - 2,500 that I can use for long hours without any discomfort. I am mostly listening to Nu Skool Breaks with artist including Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors, Plump DJs, Evil Nine, A-Skillz etc. I can purchase from...
  7. T

    Need a Spekaer within 5k

    hi i wanna buy a speaker within 5k mainly need it for games music and movies. 1. Logitech Z443 2. Edifer C2 Plus 3. Sony SRS-D9 need good bass and treble
  8. M

    Cowon EK2 opinions needed.

    Anybody used Cowon EK2 IEM? Please post your opinions or reviews. How do they compare to Cowon EM1 (importantly, in the bass department). Bass, treble and voice clarity ratings would be even more helpful.
  9. A

    Amplifier for Headphone / Sound system

    I need an audio amplifier to enhance the audio output from my laptop or phone. The details I've mentioned below. Audio Source : Laptop, Cell Phone. Sound Output : 2.1/5.1 Sound System. Headphones and earphones mostly. I own Razer Electra, Cowon EM1, Sound Magic ES18. Audio genre ...
  10. S

    Confused btwn JVC HAFX101A vs Mi Piston

    I need to buy a good pair of IEM under 1.2k. I have narrowed down to JVC HAFX101A and Piston. Please help me. I need great bass, and good quality and durability overall. Any other suggestions welcome too
  11. A

    Which earphone

    Sony mdr-xb30ex VS Tekfusion - Twinwoofers I like bass but the mids should be clear too.. :)
  12. Tejo

    In ear type headset under 3k

    I was using Cowon EM1 and was very much satisfied with it, but had to give it to my sister. Now I need to buy a new one. I mostly use it for listening to music, but I want to use it for calls too (thats why headset and not headphone). I am basically a bass lover, but need a balanced sound. EM1...
  13. A

    Need help on buying headphone for 25K

    Hi All, i am looking for headphone as per my specific requirement 1.What is max your budget? Ans: 25000 2.What is your need for buying headphone? ( like for just listening to music/ Dj/ gaming/for mobile phone…. etc) Ans: phone calls, music , movies 3. What kind of Headphone do you require...
  14. A

    Best 2.1 Speakers under 2.2k

    Hi, I am from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh. The place is very small and lacks good quality of tech shops where you can audition speakers so I will be ordering them via snapdeal. After 1 week of research I shortlisted 2 speakers 1.Edifier m1380 2.F&D a520 The main purpose of this speakers would be...
  15. srkmish

    Suggestions required for Portable bluetooth speakers . Budget 5-7k

    Hi Friends, I am looking at a budget portable bluetooth speaker solution. The JBL Flip has very good reviews on flipkart. Is it worth getting? I am basically looking for a speaker with clean, crisp sound and warm bass. I don't prefer heavy bass. Rather, a harmonious soundstage with clarity is...
  16. mikael_schiffer

    WTB> IEMs in Rs1000- Rs1600 range

    WTB> IEMs in Rs1000- Rs1600 range What i want-- 1) A decent build quality, since i cant expect "good" with my pathetic state of 3rd world existence. My 2 month old Skullcandy Rhasta's left side volume has almost died and Soundmagic ES18 left side broke off in less than a month's time. They...
  17. nomad47

    IEM in 2-3k

    Hey all, I need to buy a new IEM as the earphone provided with Moto G is crap. I am looking for something in 2-3k range. The bass should be decent but should not be all over the range. The mids and highs should be clear. In short it should be a good balance between bass and treble with good...
  18. 7shivam1

    In-ear/HEADSET around 1k

    ola amigos last time I made a mistake by buying Phillips SHL300 @ 588rs. these were good but I was dissapointed because their power was same as my old Skullcandy jib .. and actually felt little low too. >so before late I quickly listed them on olx and sold it at 500 bucks. Now I think i...
  19. 7shivam1

    Last Minute advice : On buying Budget headphones.

    Hey Digit. I'm looking for budget headphones for Loud music and Kick ass bass. I have lurked around Snapdeal and picked few - * Philips SHS390 Neckband Headphone - Buy Online @ Rs.376/- | Snapdeal * Philips SHP 1900 Headphones - Buy Online @ Rs.442/- | Snapdeal * Philips Stereo...
  20. Hrishi

    Need Earphones (IEMs)

    Need Earphones/Headphones , Budget 3.5k (IEMs) Hi fellow DIGITians , My previous preferred IEM ( Dunnu hephaes DN-16 ) suddenly stopped working properly, (one of the earpiece doesn't work) .But it was a damn good earphone with superior bass and built like a tank . Thanks to Faun for...
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