Bass heavy Headphones upto 5k ( urgent ...need to order today )

need a bass heavy headphones for around 9k for my friend......He , like me is a huge fan of edm music and like songs of tchami , tiesto , skrillex , oliver helden. etc etc......So he wants Bass as his main priority along with voice clarity.......He is currently using Philips shl 3300 which has got deep impactfull bass and warm sound but they r really uncomfortable to use over long periods......SO he wants a definite upgrade from his philips headphones....

[MENTION=146621]The Incinerator[/MENTION] help me if u can plz.

Some people suggested me to go for Denon Ahd 510 or beyerdynamic dtx 910 but most of the reviews and some youtube video also suggest that they r not bass heavy headphones and must avoid by people listening to edm.

Edit :------ He has increased his budget to 9k now......He is considering Denon ah d1100 now...........Any other options apart from denon ah d1100 ???

any other apart from this headphone .......( also right now he doesnot have any mony left for amp so suggest only those which r easier to drive ...thnx
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But do buy a headphone amp like The FiioE11K2 without which these headphones are useless. I own the combo its the bassiest headphone this earth has to offer under Rs 10K!
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