[QUICK] Sennheiser CX213 vs. Mi In ear.


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Hey digitians. I'm looking for inear headphones under 1,000.
I have chose Sennheiser CX213 and MI in ear headphones. Both priced at Rs. 999

I listen to almost everything! They'll be also used for watching movies. And i enjoy good bass.

Ive been using sennheiser mx270 for over 6 months now and these are the crapiest headphones I used in my life.. Absolutely no bass.

Im using a xiaomi redmi 2 for music.
So help me chose one of them or if there are headphones better than these in my hudget then please let me know..
Thanks. :)


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So did you buy any of these?. I myself am on search for an earphone and came across your thread.

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