Need a 2.1 for under5k


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Hi guys,

I require a simple 2.1 system for my laptop and playing songs from USB and phone.
My laptop's speaker have become very tinny after 3 years :p

I checked some speakers like

1. Logitech 443
2. F&D A110
3. F&D 550x
4. Creative some model.

I loved the out of this world design of f&D 550x , but when I checekd the youtube reviews they said its not good enough for 4k.
A110 cost just 1.6k and it seems a deal but then I thought maybe its a long time investment so went against it (no USB slot or memory card slot)

Logitech one didnt look impressive to me by look. the wood design.

I love bass but bass control should be there, it does not sound good in romantic songs.
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