1. D

    Good ISP in Kolkata for stable ping, minimum downtime?

    Hello I'm Looking for a good ISP mainly for online multiplayer, streaming and video/voice chat. Important stuff I'm looking for; 1. Should have constant ping/jitter value throughout the day,month and year. 2. No mini-downtimes (5-10 min) throughout the day which suddenly kicks you out of...
  2. K

    Please suggest performance based laptop for Rs.40k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Rs.40k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? *It would be used to basically work on these softwares autocad, revit ...
  3. I

    Laptop under 25k for gaming and enertainment purpose.

    I need to buy a laptop basically to watch movies and play games like DOTA 2, CS etc. If the laptop could run games like COD, Far Cry, Saints Row etc. on low graphics(I mean real low. The least) it'd be great. Basically I'm looking for performance and I want the best one in the league. I have...
  4. I

    Advise on external HDD which is reliable and safe

    Hi all, I am planning to buy external Hard disks to ensure safety of my data. My requirements are basically of those which i can good ASS (Hopefully i never want to need that) and those which are reliable and durable for long term purpose. Basically i want to copy data and forget it...
  5. Ronnie012

    Launch an imaginary product

    There are several products which are available in the market which are innovative yet crappy in some sort of way. So, I gathered why not start a thread and launch Fake products which are crappy (yet innovative) in some sort. So lets begin - Eat your Food App - Would be basically an alarm...
  6. srkmish

    Which is better - fifa 14 or pes 2014 for PSP

    Hi Friends, I am having an itch to dive back into fifa gameplay. Last i played fifa 09 and pes 08 i think and enjoyed it. Which would be the better of the 2 in terms of gameplay , skills improvement. Basically i want something which i can enjoy from the word go and also must have plenty of...
  7. TechnoBOY

    best wifi router+ modem ??

    so i basically need Wireless-N router+modem for bsnl bb or should i just use what the provide at the time of connection because i will just use it for 2 or 3 months
  8. T

    The Upgrade bug is back

    Alright Basically I don't really need to upgrade the PC but every 1-2 years I get this upgrade bug infection and I spend extra funds :-D ps: Basically I am gamer. Play like SC2, Warhammer 40k etc & other RTS games. So I have like 20-25k budget. My Config is in the Signature. Which...
  9. zacfx05

    samsung NP500-Pc4 SOAE is this a good buy

    I wanted to know if this is worth a buy it may cost below appx 40-45K, basically wanted to know if anybody of u own one of these 5 series 14 incher or anybody can comment about the quality since this is not launched in India as much as i checked. i cant find any review. I basically wanted to...
  10. Ronnie11

    Budget Desktop pc for 20k Max

    Hey guys, So i am helping a friend of mine who is looking to buy a new computer just for entry work and internet.It is for his own company and he doesnt want any gaming or anything whatsoever.His requirement will basically be using the microsoft office and internet browsing and some data entry...
  11. R

    Lenovo B480 Vs Lenovo G580(Which is better)??

    Hello All, Going for my first laptop in a few days, not having a great budget but since I don't need it for gaming and all those graphic intensive tasks, i think 30-33k should suffice. Did my research and basically things come down to these two although I am completely open to others which...
  12. riders4siam

    Karbonn Titanium S5 v/s Micromax Canvas HD A116

    Needs help from you guys, which one to choose? Basically need good camera indoor and outdoor, battery backup, good display.
  13. D

    Know anything about Investments/ making money ?

    After working for two years, I am at a position where I can think of doing something with my earnings other than just feeding myself. I do maintain a savings account & have a fair bit saved for a rainy stormy day but I'd like to know what else I could do. I don't know nothing about Investments/...
  14. dead.night7

    Micro controllers / Arduinos and Raspberry Pi in India

    I know, thinkdigit magazine and the forum itself, often tries to focus on on technology related issues that are kind of having sense in electronic pc hardware, including motherboards, cpus ram, custom made enthusiast pcs and the likes. I did read an issue past two years ago about Fast Track...
  15. A

    Is PS3 gaming scene too complicated.

    Hello.I have been a pc gamer for long as pc games can be easily downloaded and original console titles were too costly. Now I am looking to buy a console as Xbox 360 has been totally modded and PS3 scene has also opened up a bit. I basically wanted to buy a PS3 as it has great exclusive titles...
  16. TheLetterD

    A good looking Business phone for 15-17K

    Hello My dads a businessman and hes currently using an old BB 9300, with its rubber lining all worn off and basically its extremely ugly. Dad wants a new phone which LOOKS good as a status symbol to replace the BB cuz in his business A high STATUS is a very important thing. For emails and...
  17. M

    Samsung but which one?

    i can buy a smartphone between 10000-15000 bucks. i am confused between Samsung Omnia W and Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. Or should i go for another phone. I basically need touchscreen with a very good experience. And what about Xperia
  18. TheGibMaker

    Star Wars KotOR- help needed

    Bioware released a crappy, buggy game and got away with it. I bought star wars Knights Of The Old Republic a few days ago to run it on my 2009 model Dell inspiron 14 It has intel GMA 5 series embedded GPU (i can already hear the laughing). i installed and tried my best to run it. First the...
  19. V

    PC configuration advice

    I'm basically looking for a PC for home, here are details on what I'm looking for: 1. The purpose of the PC is mainly for media, storage and for gaming (like NFS Hot Puisuit, Crysis 2 and some of the latest games. I would basically like it for downloading, storage and to work on some...
  20. R

    Desktop PC configuration advice - 45K budget

    I came to know about you through some web forums and since I'm located in Mumbai and want to buy a desktop machine for home I thought I'd ask directly here. I'm basically looking for PC for home, here are details on what I'm looking for: - The purpose of the PC is mainly for media...
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